2021: Quarter 2 Review and Goals Looking Forward to Quarter 3

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June 30, 20213 Reading minutes

It’s time for another quarterly review.

This year I started setting quarterly goals, and the plan was to track every quarter to keep track of progress. And now we are at the end of the second quarter!

Below is a brief summary of the last 3 months.

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A brief summary of the past year and looking forward!

Second Quarterly Review, 2021

If you’re wondering what my goals were for this period, check out my post in Q2 here. At a high level, my focus has been on 4 areas of my life.

For each of these areas, associated SMART goals were defined, which were primarily measurable. This allowed me to make progress in percentages. Although some of these items were done or not done, I eventually came across some data to explain my progress.

Here is the percentage of high-level progress for each of the regions..

Let’s take a closer look at each of the areas and see how I progressed with it.

Improve the family experience ████▓░░░░ 52%

We were almost close to getting a house, but we missed it by a few thousand. The property market in Brisbane is getting hotter day by day and it is becoming more and more like a first time home buyer.

Otherwise things went as planned in this area – I did more than 3 day trips to local parks and beaches and also did a night trip in Toowoomba, Brisbane. I reached an average of 80-90 minutes per screen time, which is slightly more than I originally intended it to be.

Learning █████████░ 90%

The main focus was to learn AWS and improve my overall content creation skills. These two went exceptionally well. I now have a basic understanding of the concepts of AWS, especially around the serverless aspects I use at work. As part of my learning I posted 5 blog posts and 5 videos for my resume.NET on the AWS series.

I did the Ship30For30 May Cohort, which included posting 30 essays over 30 days. You can check all mine Atomic articles here. It has been a great learning experience for me and I plan to write more atomic articles in the coming months. At some point I would love to write a short ebook.

Improve my fitness ███████░░░ 70%

Like the last time I did not meet the goal I set for myself. But at least my overall fitness has improved. I was able to do some long runs over 10km and slowly get back into shape. I finished half of Zwift’s back to fitness’ training program. However I did not meet my time and distance goals.

Increase audience ██████████▄ 95%

The focus was to increase 2,000 subscribers on YouTube and gain 100 followers on Twitter.

Below is a snapshot of my content log for the last quarter. I posted 8 blog posts, 10 youtube videos and 30 Atomic Articles.

Content log for the first quarter, 2021

With YouTube videos, I missed 3 weeks, mostly because a lot happened with the Ship30For30 course.

Targets for the third quarter, 2021

My high-level focus areas remain the same – Fitness, increase my audience, learn and enhance the family experience.

I’m looking to improve my Notion settings and how I track various tasks and activities. A good efficient system is essential to keep things flowing.

Look at my … December newsletter If you want to learn more about setting goals!

Some of my key results for the second quarter of 2021 are

  • Get 3000 YouTube subscribers and 150 Twitter followers.
  • Improve my CSS design and AWS serverless application development skills
  • Run 10K in less than 53 minutes until mid-August.
  • More family trips and shopping and moving home (yes again !!)

Regions, SMART goals and ideas on how to achieve them - everything is managed in Notion

I aim high here with these goals and would love to reach 80% of them. I will do a follow-up review towards the end of September 2021 and see where I stand with these goals and objectives.

How was your year?

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