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Exciting news b browser! My team and I launched a brand new product interface for Browserling. The new interface allows you to access all browsers on all platforms and all features through one neat menu.

You can try out the new user interface right now by clicking this quick browse link:

This link will open the same blog post in the latest version of Chrome.

The menu

The new menu contains everything you need to work with Browserling browsers. The top of the menu focuses on the platform, browser and website you want to test, and the bottom allows you to quickly access the most popular features.

Features include Display options (Allows you to enlarge the browser and change resolutions), Screen capture (Allows you to capture browser screenshots and specify them quickly), Local inspection (Allows opening ssh tunnel to localhost or local network to check local sites), On-screen keyboard (Allows the use of an English keyboard on non-English computers, and allows the use of a keyboard on mobile devices), Share browser (Allows you to send a quick link to the browser and the current site you are viewing), and send feedback (We love feedback!)

Select an operating system and browser

Choosing your operating system and browser allows you to quickly access all available platforms and browsers. With a click or two you quickly load the browser version you need.

URL navigation

The URL navigation field allows you to quickly navigate to the site you need. Just enter the URL, click the Start button, and a browser will open and load the site.

Display options

The display options feature allows you to enlarge and reduce the browser (especially useful if you are on a 4k screen) and change the resolution to larger or smaller. Also, this feature allows you to perform responsive web tests because you can see how your site looks in different screen sizes.

Screen capture

The screen capture feature allows you to quickly take screenshots of your browsing sessions. Once you select the browser area you want to capture, it opens a screenshot of that area and you can use the editing tools, such as a pen, rectangle, text note, and eraser, to make screenshot changes.

I will write another more detailed article about this feature in one of the following posts because it has many other amazing features that allow you to quickly copy screenshots to the clipboard, share bug reports with your co-workers by emailing them, uploading to Imgur, downloading or saving your account for later viewing More.

Also, soon, you will be able to record your surfing session to GIF (we call it GIFcast) or video.

Local inspection

The local test feature allows you to test your local websites running on the localhost or any local network machine through ssh tunnels. The Initial dialog box allows you to enter the host name and port of your local web server.

local testing 1

Then, as soon as you run the ssh command and establish a connection between your local computer and our tunnel service, it changes to a connected state and you can start testing.

local testing 2

If the connection is lost at any time, you will receive an instant message via a yellow warning message.

local testing 3

I will write another article on local testing because there is a lot to explain.

On-screen keyboard

The virtual keyboard allows you to send keystrokes to the browser easily even if you are using a device that does not have a physical keyboard, such as a tablet. It is also very useful if you are using a non-English keyboard, such as a German or French keyboard, as they have keys for the “at” and “Slash” symbols in different places.

You can resize the keyboard window to any size, make it more compact if you are on a smaller screen or expand if you are on a larger screen.

Share browser

The browser sharing feature allows you to quickly share a link to the current platform, browser and URL you are viewing with your co-workers and friends.

share a browser

Also, soon we will launch a shared browsing feature that will allow you and your team to share the same browser.

send feedback

We love getting feedback, so we’ve also added a quick way to share your thoughts. Tell us what you think about the new user interface! My entire team receives all feedback messages.

send feedback

technical details

We built our user interface using standard HTML, CSS, JavaScript and if Disclaimer. We started with a blank text file and finished with a working code. No frames, no dependencies, no junction modules and no packages. There is only code that runs the user interface that allows us to keep our focus at 100% in the product and 0% in the troubleshooting of the node module.

What next?

Next, we launch a new browser streaming algorithm. The new streaming algorithm will offer an almost original experience when using remote browsers. Next, we add a shared browsing feature that allows two or more people to use the same browser at the same time. Next, we add a screen recorder that allows you to capture your browser sessions to GIF and MP4 videos. and then! More amazing stuff!

What is a browser?

Browserling is the world’s first online platform for cross – browser testing. It offers web developers, web testers and qa teams fast access to all browsers across all platforms. To create truly great apps and websites, you need to make sure your code and design look and function the same across as many platforms, browsers and screen sizes as possible. You can maintain a bunch of virtual machines and devices or you can just use Browsling which offers fast cloud access to all browsers.

Browserling’s clients include L’Oreal, T-Mobile, Dolby, Accenture, Payoneer, Wegmans, the Library of Congress, the House of Representatives, the City of New York, the State of Texas, the Home Office of the United Kingdom and the Government of Australia.

customer wall

What are the other common uses of Browsing?

Apart from being a useful service for cross-browser testing, Browserling is also used by security professionals to get a Browser with sandbox Check for suspicious links and casual internet users who want to surf the web on an Online browser Without being tracked.

Thanks to everyone who followed my adventure and see you all next time!



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