A More Tab-Like Look

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We have a lot of programs for the pen editor in CodePen. Of course we do! This is the heart and soul of CodePen. The thing that actually produces all the great stuff in CodePen. Along the way, there will be more of a big bang where the editor will evolve to do bigger and better things (but don’t worry, it will keep his signature simplicity). But because of the temperament and greatness of these ponies, we release parts of it along the way that change some of the look and functionality of the editor.

There were other little things, like the Save Pen drop-down menu, and you may have noticed some aesthetic changes in the export and sharing menus:

Screen Shot 2021 08 26 at 11.13.39 AM

But this update to the editors themselves is probably the most notable change so far. There are no changes in functionality here, just aesthetic again.

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