Magic of AI – Enhance your artistic skills for powerful communication

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If one remembers the challenge of making a presentation, they often look full of words and boring!

If relevant images need to be added that require another hunting creative license shared with and without commercial intent. Although there are many, it needs a search that means more time and patience.

How to conduct a quick presentation to the customer? Or an elevator lot? Or a chance encounter of an investor or potential buyer on the trip. A few days for those who believe – can I send you an email? Or can we make an appointment? Ah ha! Moments will be lost and investors or a client may never return. Presenting a brief or slide to a client in his or her languages ​​can be a challenge if not most convenient for you. The solution to this is visual communication where some barriers may be broken.

We saw such feelings while helping Infosys employees in a meeting to create images for a quick presentation or business communication at an unimaginable pace. We help them with manual drawing and AI tools that will help with organizational communication, designing presentations and creating custom slides or instant images according to customer needs.

The magic of visual communication
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Infosys employees

Some of the responses were captured in the feedback form

“A very fascinating meeting and brought a smile”

“I really liked the flow of information from Mr. Santosh to Mrs. Johanna. I loved using the tools and getting to know AI better. Overall I love the work that Qtipi does. Thank you.”

“Learn New Things An Amazing Session” “It would be great if we could have a similar fun magic session again.”

Purpose of the workshop:

This session will cover the concepts of artificial intelligence and its applications and provide practical practice with artificial intelligence tools that will help create strong business communication strategies.

  1. Understand how AI tools can help with your business communication
  2. Practice the art of visual storytelling using hand-painted pictures and artificial intelligence tools

Register your organization for this workshop:

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Workshop for Infosys employees


  1. Some of the paintings are inspired by the book Draw to Win, Dan Roam
  2. Graham Shaw, author and TEDx speaker



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