Upskill your child without any regrets, a father’s journey!


Muhammad Ilias began identifying courses for his son, Ziad, when he was 5. He prides himself on improving the skills of those important in today’s world, so that he will not have to worry in the future. A great hero for any child is their parents.

Muhammad Elias, a father who recognizes and nurtures his child, is a sign of good parenting. Muhammad Elias is constantly looking for 21st century value-added courses like coding, robotics and artificial intelligence for his son, Zaid. Muhammad Elias understands that education is the key to success. Hence he is always looking for ways to help Ziad choose skills at the right age and create a path to a better future. If his son can be self-learning and understand his responsibilities that are essential to his career. He will be proud of himself and his child.

By profession Mr. Muhammad Ilias is a certified public accountant, works in Qatar and his son Ziad is a 6 year old second grader studying at Newton’s British School.

Muhammad Ilias was fascinated by the buzz of coding during the lock. His search to identify the right organization began. At the age of 5+ Muhammad Ilias introduced Ziad to Coding & Robotics who was a rookie in computers. Muhammad Ilias finds his son Kadima in choosing learning when he tries to teach reading at the age of three. Muhammad Ilya thinks that children must be provided with challenges, although it may be difficult in the early stages but it pays off in the end. Such an experience made Ziad a curious child. Muhammad Ilias decided to give his son training in code and robotics and he discovers that this was the right decision.

Muhammad Elias thinks a product like a QtPi robotic kit becomes great when there is a suitable trainer for kids. So learning is fun and kids can explore the world through technology and engineering.

God QtPi Kit Includes a robot and an app-controlled interface, designed to facilitate learning for people of all ages Software. This kit can be used by people of all ages, but is perfect for young children who want to learn the basics of STEM without going through difficult technical books or videos.

One of the most important aspects of this robotic course / project is the coach / mentor who supports the students in their learning process. A mentor will guide them through the coding process, provide feedback on what they did right or wrong, and help them overcome obstacles they may not have had!

Listen to the miraculous journey of a father who upgrades his child!

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