How to use for loops to break out early in javascript?

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for Loop is rarely talked about in modern JavaScript, although it is only useful in asynchronous action scenarios.
But what erupts early consider the following example:
Match two arrays

const smallArray = [0, 2];
const largeArray = Array.from( length: 1000 , (_, i) => i);

const areEqual = (a, b) => 
  let result = true;
  a.forEach((x, i) =>  x !== b[i]) result = false;
  return result;

areEqual(largeArray, smallArray); // false
// Will loop over all items in `largeArray`

The code is not optimized, but it emphasizes the issue of array methods, such as [].forEach() Inability to get out of the loop early.
To neutralize this, we can use a for Early loop return Instead:

const areEqual = (a, b) => 
  for (let i in a)  a[i] !== b[i]) return false;
  return true;

areEqual(largeArray, smallArray); // false
// Will only loop until the first mismatch is encountered



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