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Infection is a very popular word nowadays, even children know about it. It has become a matter of very serious concern for the whole world. This is not a problem that has occurred recently. It is believed that it has existed for a very long time, even when there were no humans. For example, a volcanic eruption has always been there and caused pollution and reactions in the atmosphere by various pollutants.

Pollution is a subject that appears in many ways, natural and man-made. In recent times it has been constantly growing, whether it is natural or man-made. This is why it is constantly harming the planet and its environment. It became serious and an urgent need arose to deal with this problem.

In this article we will study essay on infection. Everything is explained in easy language with a brief introduction of the infection, its effects, types and other details in the article. In addition, it includes a
10-line essay For students and children looking for a
Short article On infection.

Introduction to infection

Just as our body needs a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit, so the environment needs a balanced amount of substances. If a substance exists more than its threshold ratio, it usually pollutes the surrounding environment. This can sometimes cause trouble for the living bodies that are in such an environment.

For example, increased amounts of carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides pollute the environment and cause difficulty breathing within the atmosphere.

Pollution is the presence of pollutants in the environment that harm and harm living things and nature itself. It is currently one of the major issues affecting the planet in many ways. In the 21st century, pollution has increasingly affected various natural processes and cycles. Not only that, due to this growing problem, today many plants and animals have become extinct or are in danger of extinction. In addition, animals are also rapidly losing their habitat.

Types of pollution / environmental pollution

Although there are many types of infection, the main types include the following:

Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Noise pollution

Soil pollution

A short article on air pollution

Air pollution refers to the presence of gases and harmful elements in the air, which are usually caused by gas emissions from vehicles. Many factories and industries also release harmful substances into the air through the vents of fireplaces. Also, burning garbage and plants / trees in the fields causes air pollution.

Because toxic substances / pollutants are also formed through vehicles, one of the main concerns is the increase in vehicle use. Vehicles usually release sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide which mainly reduce the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. Air pollution has caused many diseases in the humans who are responsible for them
Shortness of breath, asthma, respiratory diseases, etc..

A short article on water pollution

Factories and industries cause not only air pollution but also water pollution. They dispose of the toxic substances or residues left in water bodies through sewers. Sewage is usually associated with bodies of water such as canals, rivers and seas. Wastewater waste and toxic chemicals have led to habitat loss to marine life. As a result, the dissolved oxygen in the reservoirs also began to disappear.

Water pollution has created problems not only for marine life but also for humans. Many countries are facing a shortage of potable water, which is to some extent a major impact of water pollution. People living in such places have no choice but to drink polluted water, which leads to various diseases, especially Diarrhea, cholera and dysentery.

A short article on noise pollution

Noise pollution is another type of common pollution that we regularly deal with in one form or another. The main cause of noise pollution is the use of horns in vehicles. This can be really problematic for those who live near highways and traffic areas. People can feel stress like anxiety due to constant noise pollution.

Despite this, the noise of the speakers in the functions, the explosion of crackers, the operation of machines in the factories also contribute to the noise pollution. Because the use of firecrackers is seen a lot during the holiday season, it causes an increase in noise pollution during festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Rosh Hashanah and so on. This usually causes difficulties for animals as they have a higher hearing ability than humans.

A short article on soil pollution

Soil contamination refers to the presence of toxic elements in the soil that cause contamination. There can be many reasons for soil contamination. However, the most common reason is the presence of household waste and industrial landfills lying on the ground. Landfills or waste must be disposed of or recycled properly.

In addition, farmers use various chemical compounds to fertilize the soil and grow specific plants or trees. However, using too many chemical compounds sometimes causes soil contamination, making it unsuitable for further growth or plantation. Soil contamination usually produces bacteria and increases the mosquitoes which in turn cause various diseases.

Note: Radioactive contamination is also increasing due to the proliferation of radioactive substances in the Earth’s atmosphere. Most countries are developing their nuclear equipment in this nuclear age and testing, operation and use of such radioactive equipment amplifies the radioactive materials in the atmosphere that cause radioactive contamination.

Effects of infection

Pollution affects humans, animals and the environment in different ways. Some of the critical effects of infection are listed below:

Due to the infection, many species of animals, insects and birds are on the verge of extinction like sparrows, bees, etc., which are almost extinct.

The ozone layer is dwindling due to the increasing level of air pollution, which is causing global warming. At the same time, many diseases of the respiratory tract increase in many people, as a result of which many deaths occur every year.

Due to the increasing water pollution, marine life is being destroyed underwater. Also, the drinking water level drops rapidly.

Humans living in noise-contaminated areas face hearing difficulties over time. Along with this, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, anxiety and other problems are seen.

The use of various pesticides or chemicals in food and crops puts people at increased risk of developing cancer and other dangerous diseases. Increasing soil contamination makes the soil barren.

How to reduce the infection?

Since pollution has harmful effects on humans, animals and nature, it is everyone’s responsibility to cooperate in preventing it. There are many ways we can reduce the pollution around us. If everyone plays their part and takes potential preventive measures, there will be a big impact on the environment.

Some general steps to prevent infection are as follows:

Preventing the use of firecrackers

We should refrain from using firecrackers during the celebration of any festival, especially Diwali, Dosahara, Christmas, Eid and Rosh Hashanah. When we break crackers, it not only causes air pollution but also noise, soil and light pollution. The use of firecrackers has a great impact on our health and the environment.

Restricting the use of vehicles

Vehicles produce a large amount of pollution, whether it is air pollution or noise pollution. We must try to minimize the use of vehicles. It is better to use public transportation for everyday travel rather than driving a private car. Alternatively, we can try to use electric vehicles for personal use.

Keeping the environment clean

It is not just the duty of the government to keep the areas clean. Instead, you should also cooperate in the direction of cleaning by not throwing household garbage here and there. We need to throw away the waste properly.

Use of recyclable and reusable products

Nowadays human needs have grown. We require different types of items for our daily needs. For example, computer devices, TVs, plastic bags and other plastic items. If you throw things like that here and there then they are harmful to the environment. It is very necessary to replace such items with consumables. If this is not possible, then we must dispose of such items properly.

In many countries, the government itself has a number of programs for recycling non-perishable products. In addition, citizens are asked to donate or sell their plastic waste or replace it with other items.

Stop cutting down trees and planting trees

Plants and trees are the only sources of oxygen in the environment. They also absorb various harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide etc. Therefore do not cut the plants / trees and plant more and more of them.

Aside from the solutions mentioned above, there are some temporary alternatives that people used to follow. They use different filtration techniques in their home to maintain their safety. In particular, people use air purifiers and water purifiers to maintain indoor air and drinking water somewhat pure by removing harmful bacteria and many other substances.

Connect 10 lines on contamination

The following points are discussed in the short article or in a 10-line article on infection:

Pollution is the presence of harmful substances in the air, water or the environment.

Infection is a result of the increased needs of the person or we can say greed.

Our environment is greatly affected by different types of pollution.

The pollution rises daily in an environment around the world.

The pollution harms nature in various ways.

Infection has caused many diseases around the world.

Many industries and factories contribute to air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.

Planting trees is one of the best ways to reduce pollution in the environment.

Air pollution can be controlled to some extent by using advanced exhaust filters in vehicles.

People should be aware of the different types of infection, their effects and the necessary preventative measures.


Infection is one of the major problems nowadays. It has affected our environment and the lives of living things. Every citizen should take the necessary preventive measures of pollution for the good of tomorrow of the next generation. Already every day there is a danger to many lives due to infection and people are dealing with many types of diseases. If it is not controlled, then very soon doomsday will come upon the people.



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