Silwana Diamond Investment Has Decided to Offer 40% of Its Company Shares at American, European, and Chinese Stock Exchange Markets

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The leading UAE investment venture is expanding its presence and increasing its stock availability by offering them in three major stock market markets around the world. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – (Newsfile Corp. – November 1, 2021)

Silwana Diamond Investment, based in the United Arab Emirates, has been offering diverse investment services to its clients from all industries that have been specializing for more than a decade. It leverages the latest technology, changing business environment and expertise to proactively seek investment opportunities for its clients that offer higher confidence and returns. Silwana Diamond Investment’s integrity, transparency and morality throughout its processes have helped to gain loyal clients.


Silana Diamond

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Silwana Diamond Investments is growing with its clients, so it has aligned its goals with client goals, and encouraged them to invest in projects that offer growth and development along with a higher return. It takes a dynamic approach by thoroughly analyzing their potential markets and projects, balancing risk-taking capability and using the latest technology to develop safe, profitable and thriving investment strategies.

Creating successful investment opportunities and retaining prominent clients in all industries in the UAE for more than a decade has encouraged Silwana Diamond Investments to expand its presence by publicly offering 40% of its company shares across the US, European and Chinese stock exchanges. Markets.

Under the leadership of Mr. Faras Abu Dave, Chairman, Silwana Diamond Investments is embarking on the next stage of its growth by entering new and larger markets. The investment enterprise is already promoting the public interest in the company by showing a deep sense of commitment to stakeholders and the community. , The commitment to customer prosperity and the focus on higher returns, it can be safely said that Silwana Diamond Investment will also be established in the new markets.

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On Siloana Diamond Investments

Silwana Diamond Investment is a UAE-based investment venture that offers trading services to a large pool of clients from all specialized industries. It takes a contemporary approach to making use of the latest technology to create accurate investment strategies that offer a higher return on client investments. Along with profitability, Silwana Diamond Investment is committed to supporting projects that create prosperity, growth and development in the community.

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