RecordCast Review: A simple and free screen recorder for you to try

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Being the best video screen capture software for your computer, capture anything worth sharing on your screen with the online All-in-One screen recorder and RecordCast video editor. You can record videos, save them, and return to editing later. It’s free to use.

Moreover, Record broadcast Is a video recording software that allows you to capture your computer screen easily. Therefore, the goal is to be able to record the screen over a given period of time to allow you to save and watch these extracts as you wish.

Why use RecordCast to record a screen

  • Easy to use and free.
  • Online screen recorder without download.
  • Record everything online in a few clicks.
  • Three modes are available for recording.
  • Record screen + webcam, webcam, screen while capturing audio and microphone of the system.
  • Screen recorder and video editor all together.
  • Use the built-in video editor to crop recordings, add text effects, overlay, dynamic elements, music, or adjust background colors once and for all.

You can shoot anything worth sharing on your screen with this all-in-one screen recorder and online video editor.

By use

  • Record video calls
  • Record a presentation
  • Video recording tutorial
  • Online seminar to record
  • Record gameplay

By system

  • Record on Mac
  • Input in Linux
  • Record in Windows

Easy to handle

The ease of use of this software should be emphasized in the first place. Indeed, the options panel offered by Recordcast allows you to record the screen in different ways.

Capture that focuses only on your computer screen to have only the video content. Capture your screen and camera as well to get your video processing during your presentation. Thus, the two recordings will be returned and processed in one video.

For further work or presentation, you can record your camera only while excluding your screen from capture. It is also a way to benefit from comments during your presentation, which will be directed only at you.

It is important to take into account that in each recording you can take into account the sound of the microphone and computer as you wish. You can also choose what you record using the software.

Setting up the software is easier: you will find a downloadable file, completely free and used immediately to save your first files. Moreover, it is very easy to change the recording mode with one click. You can also change them thanks to the editing part, which is easy to use to create perfect adaptations.

Safe to use

One point that is not negligible is that of security. In other words, Recordcast offers a fast and secure download of its software to allow you to use the recorder peacefully. Moreover, all the files that the software will process will not be saved by Recordcast. These local recordings allow you to easily store your content without the risk of third-party use.

The software does not have access to your documents and caches, allowing you to keep all your contents in memory in peace. You can also download free explanatory videos of the software to help you get started or watch them directly on the site. The goal is also to avoid overloading the computer memory.

Easy to access

The strength of Recordcast also lies in its accounting. The software is available for all browsers, whether Mac, Chrome, Linux, or even Microsoft. Regardless of your PC, the software will be quick to set up to give you access to very high quality videos from first use. Videos can be shared very easily because all your recordings are in MP4 format. Even transferring to other devices is a breeze.

How RecordCast works

1. Set the video and audio recording mode.

2. Select a recording area and a recording screen.

3. Edit your recording in the video editor.

4. Download in MP4 (1080P) and share.

In conclusion

That’s all for the review. If you want to record your screen next time. Give it a try. It meets all the expectations of a good screen recorder.

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