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Strford, Connecticut – Yesterday a restoration project broke out that will revitalize one of Connecticut’s largest salt marshes thanks to a $ 4 million investment in the coastline.

Of Southern Connecticut Great Meadows Marsh There used to be more than 1,400 acres, but due to changes in land uses, the swamp today is less than 700 acres and it faces challenges including invasive plants and mosquitoes.

Corey Folsom-O’Keefe, director of bird conservation at Audubon Connecticut, one of the project partners, said one part of the project focuses on rehabilitating habitats, including the creation of cheeses, or mounds of soil, for salt marsh sparrows, a vulnerable factor. Species of birds.

Folsom-O’Keefe noted that if the project is successful, the model can be replicated in and out of Connecticut.

“This is the kind of strategy that Audubon and other partners are exploring,” Folsom-O’Keefe described. “To see if – salt marsh sparrows, which are the species most likely to become extinct due to sea level rise – by creating these mounds, we hope they will nest on both the mounds and theirs. The nests will be a little less susceptible to flooding.”

The project will restore more than 33 acres of salt marshes and other habitats along the coast.

Marsh Great Meadows is part of the Stuart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge. Some of the goals of the project include reducing the mosquito population, establishing local swamp vegetation and improving access to the Stratford community through trails and viewing platforms.

The project is also an opportunity for local residents to volunteer for rehabilitation efforts.

Kelly Kerrigan, who oversees the conservation of the town of Stratford, said the city is partnering with Audubon Connecticut to create “Salt Marsh Swords,” a paid conservation program for local high school students.

“I hope we are coaching the next generation of environmental stewards and embedding the importance of the environment that they can give back to their families, give back to their friends because it is clearly a precious resource, especially the Great Meadows Marsh,” Kerrigan stated. “After our generation leaves, it’s up to others to carry the torch.”

The project is expected to be completed by spring or summer 2022.

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