Cone Is A Well-Designed Color Picker for Designers


Oddly enough, I have a high standard for choosing colors. Choose colors usually employed by graphic designers as well as web developers / designers. Because they are creative tools, it should be equally complete and designed. Cone ticks all my boxes for choosing colors, and even more.

Outside the gate, this is not just one of the most visible color pickers but iOS apps in general that I have tried. The layout, colors, user interface and custom icons are all so well chosen that it just makes me want to use it. I have not designed web graphics or printing for several years but it immediately makes me want to go back to it.

Once you load the app with an image, it immediately begins to analyze the color and display and convert the most dominant Fenton color – or at least the closest Fenton color that exists. You can move the color selection around the image on the screen to get the exact color you are looking for.

Cone app screens
The app has a number of custom icons for all the basic functions like uploading new background images or adjusting the color temperature. That’s right, you can set a color temperature manually. Your phone has features like Night Shift and True Tone that lighten your eyes but can be a majestic pain when trying to figure out an exact color. By setting a neutral point manually, you can be sure you are getting the right color.

Once you have selected your color, you can add it to your color bucket for future use. A color palette will also be created to help cultivate inspiration. You can also get the color codes RGB, Hex, CMYK and HSB besides the name Pantone. By the way, Cone is officially licensed by Pantone with support for offline mode and support for new colors when they are added.

With iOS apps, accessibility is becoming increasingly important. Apple has put a lot of tools for developers and these third-party developers are picking up missing parts. The Kushagra Agarwal key has a built-in color blind mode. Instead of displaying Fenton colors, it will display basic colors. Instead of Dusty Rose, it will just say red. Basically identifies a true color for those who struggle with it. I like that it’s a feature.

Seriously, there is even more to love about this app. Like the accompanying Apple Watch app with all the features. It will display all your color buckets, color palettes and all the relevant information for each of them. Color. This app is amazing, functional and helps color blind users. If you need a color picker, the cone has a good reason to top your list.

But enough about other people’s apps.

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