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GGood Morning. Australia will stay behind the world if the government does not increase spending on research and development. Apparently emissions from land clearance are much higher than claimed. And it’s just Monday, but if you’re already waiting for a beer at a pub this weekend, Sydney’s historic Sydney Hotel – after a controversial tour – will reopen this week.

Australia’s emissions from land clearance are likely to be much higher than reported to the United Nations, New analysis indicates, and calls for an independent review of the sector. Researchers have assessed satellite imagery of more than 50 Queensland properties and found significant discrepancies between what is considered land cleared by Australia’s National Carbon Accounting System (NCAS) and the state government’s Landcover and Trees study (Slats). The Australian government has relied on its report for a reduction in land clearance rates in almost all the reductions that allow it to claim that the country’s emissions have fallen by about one – fifth since 2005.

The state risks losing jobs to others if it fails to raise lower-than-average spending on research and development, Warned a record-breaking scientific body, against the backdrop of Scott Morrison’s vow to promote “non-tax technology” on climate policy. Australia invests only 1.8% of its economic output in research and development, well behind the OECD average of 2.5%. Misha Schubert, CEO of Science and Technology Australia, said Australia “should stay at the forefront of technological advancement” in areas including artificial intelligence and machine learning, clean energy technologies and agricultural technologies, otherwise it will “lose jobs and opportunities to competitors in advanced economies worldwide, OECD and region our”.

Rapper Travis Scott said he was devastated after eight people died at his Astroworld music festival, Aged 14 to 27. Dozens more were injured as crowds rushed to the stage shortly after 9pm on Friday. Two investigations have been opened, including a criminal investigation by murder and drug detectives after reports that someone in the audience injected people with drugs.


NSW Treasurer Matt Keane says the Zero Emissions Policy Forum will ensure that countries and territories work together. Photo: Brandon Toren / Getty Images

New South Wales, South Australia and the ACT have reached a cross-party agreement to help each other work towards reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions. The self-described “historic” agreement will help supranational jurisdictions face practical challenges, after widespread criticism that the federal government’s plan did not include new policies.

Police are investigating the cause of the fire in which four-year-old twins were killed near Byron Bay. Preliminary reports suggest that a candle left on a piano may cause the instrument to smoke and emit toxic fumes.

Emergency services continue to search for the body of missing Paul Milchip after a shark attack on Perth Beach on Saturday. Two teenagers who say they saw the incident called emergency services.

the world

Damage caused by a luck attack
Damage caused by a drone attack on the residence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadmi.
Photo: Iraqi Prime Minister’s Press / AFP / Getty Images

An attempted assassination using a drone aimed at the Iraqi prime minister’s house failed to kill him, Said the government. Mustafa al-Qadimi was reportedly unharmed after the UAV hit his home in the fortified green area of ​​Baghdad, injuring seven security guards. No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Few people are willing to make significant lifestyle changes to help save the planet, Despite the recognition of the climate crisis is the main environmental challenge facing the world now, found an international survey of 10 countries.

Julian Assange and his fiancée, Stella Morris, say they are being prevented from getting married And are preparing legal action against British Deputy Prime Minister Dominique Raab and the governor of Belmaresh Prison.

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Anandel Hotel
The Annandale Hotel in the inner west of Sydney is reopening this week. Photo: Blake Sharp-Wiggins / The Guardian

When Neil Thompson took over the Anandale Hotel – an institution renowned for cultivating filthy live music over the decades – he was unaware of the history of the iconic place, Unprepared for the backlash that was supposed to come when he destroyed the place and threw precious pieces of rock’n’roll souvenirs into the street. The rage led to a story of redemption, and a whole new future for the beloved pub, which reopened this week.

“Why do I identify with my Aboriginal family and not with Irish and English descent? There are many reasons, and they are all convincing,” Claire Coleman writes in the book Lies, Cursed Lies – A Personal Investigation of the Impact of Colonization.The first is the simplest: if you could identify with the bully or the victim, with the murderers or the family of the murdered, with the settlers, the genocide or the settler, who would you choose? “

Wok can be the savior of properly used dinners this week – cook small amounts of food quickly. Adam Leo shares some quick meals to get through the week, and some tips on how to get the most out of your wok. “The huge woks over fire burners in restaurants turn into a single plate at a time, but at home, we try to load enough ingredients to feed the whole family to the wok and wonder why it comes out wet. If you have eight ingredients, make four smaller dishes fried in a wok using two Assemble each one, in one big place that uses all eight. “


Despite being vocal on climate issues, young people have no place at the table in Cop26; They trust world leaders to work towards a serious plan to tackle the climate crisis before it is too late. In today’s full story, three young activists describe their path to activism, discussing their frustrated attempts to hold world leaders to their legally binding climate commitments, and where their movement is going.

A full story

Cop26: How three young climate activists are trying to change the world

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Scotland defeated Australia 15-13 overnight in the International Rugby Union, For a third consecutive victory over the Wallabies.

Rory Burns has announced the return of Ben Stokes to the England cricket team as a “massive boost” to their chances of success in the ashes., But says that the sudden announcement that the all-regulator will be on the flight to Australia did not surprise him.

Media Summary

God Sydney Morning Herald Reports that the taxpayer’s money was allegedly used for the purposes of the Liberal Party, and again emphasizes the Need for a federal anti-corruption commission. Tasmanian police claim that jealousy may have been a The motive behind the triple shooting Who left two dead and one wounded in Devonport on Saturday, reports mercury.


Scott Morrison will join APEC’s online meeting.

And if you have read this far …

Strong winds off the coast of Florida have caused SpaceX to delay the return of four astronauts from the International Space Station. The good news for them is that their return is now expected to last eight hours instead of 20 – meaning they will have to spend less time using diapers, after the toilet in their SpaceX capsule broke.

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