Real Reason Women Don’t Invest: Not Enough Cash

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A real reason women do not invest: not enough cash

Women may be less likely to invest than men, but not for the reasons often given by experts.

A new survey indicates that 70% of women say they have no investment, compared to 59% of men.

However, although it is often argued that women are less likely than men to invest because they hate more risk, are nervous about doing something they do not fully understand and are more likely to overtake others to save for their long-term future, research from wealth platform Hargreaves Lansdown suggests otherwise.

Caution: A new survey indicates that 70 percent of women say they have no investment, compared to 59 percent of men

The most common reason given for non-investment was exactly the same for men and women alike: not enough money.

When asked about knowledge and investment risk, there was little difference between the two sexes.

Nearly a third (32 percent) of men said they thought investing was too risky, slightly higher than 30 percent of women.

Meanwhile, only six percent of women said they would rather spend any excess income than invest it. But men were twice as likely to spend.

Sarah Coles, a personal finance analyst at Hargreaves, says there are some simple steps people can take to get started investing. She says: ‘Spend five to ten minutes each week learning more about investing.

‘And start small – £ 25 a month is a decent first step, preferably in a tax-friendly wrapper like Isa’.



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