Invest in Cyber Awareness to Prevent Attacks

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Today’s cyber threat landscape is extremely challenging. This ransom, this ransom, ransom everywhere – Information technology (IT) professionals must work to protect organizations from the next big ransomware attack. Over the years, the sophistication of ransomware attacks has increased as well as the amount of money required and paid in exchange for information held in ransomware. This is why it is extremely important for organizations to equip their employees with the knowledge and awareness needed to identify activities that lead to such attacks.

Awareness of cyber security

Prevention and response to ransomware attacks requires awareness of ransomware threats as well as people-processes-technology approaches to reduce associated risks. Employees must understand how To identify and prevent common attack vectors. It requires awareness and strong training for cyber security. As part of the training, employees should be introduced to the instructor’s policy:

  • Identify and avoid common attack vectors (e.g., phishing attempts)
  • Delete suspicious emails that contain links
  • Avoid visiting malicious websites

There is some evidence that U.S. workers may be unaware of the rise in ransomware attacks, as well as the more harmful and destructive nature and extent of the attacks. June 2021, Armis Reporting The results of survey responses for over 2,000 respondents from across the United States. Based on the findings, it was clear that end users are not paying attention to major cyber security attacks affecting operational technology and critical infrastructure across the country, signaling the importance of businesses prioritizing security focus when employees return to the office. The report included findings in the following four areas:

  • Education and awareness of cyber attacks
  • Severe severity and effect of attacks
  • Attacks aimed at health services
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)

The results indicated that the respondents were unaware of the recent and harmful cyber attacks despite the news (read more…)



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