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An acclaimed producer of consumer consumer audio and video products, Edifier® International was included in this year’s CES Innovation Ceremony. At CES Unveiled, New York, it was revealed that four products have been listed as award winners, including: NeoBuds Pro, MP230, MC500 and MP100 Plus.

The CES Innovation Awards Program is an annual competition that honors exceptional design and engineering in consumer technology products. The program recognizes the outstanding in a variety of categories of consumer technology products and notices the highest ranking in each of them.

Edifier products featured include; One of the first headphones in the world with high resolution resolution; The brand’s first live streaming console, with a mixer and built-in sound card; A classic and elegant portable speaker system; And a stylish music player developed for young individualists. The range of selections shows Edifier’s ongoing attention to the variety of user needs and dedication to maintaining high standards of quality in a variety of product areas.

In response to the announcement, CTO Stanley Wen said: “It is always an honor to be recognized for our hard work. Our commitment to improving both the performance and sustainability of our products is paramount, and recognizing this by an amazing panel of leading figures in the technology industry is truly Rewarding in itself. “

The news is based on last year, when the Edifier TWS NB2 Pro won the Red Dot Design Award for its elegant origami-inspired design, which stood out from other competitors from 60 countries. The latest award announcement also marks the sixth time that Edifier has entered the CES Innovation Awards, reflecting the company’s continued focus on developing its work.

“The positive and forward-thinking ideals of the CES Innovation Awards are in line with our ethos, and we are very pleased to be included alongside such prestigious and impressive colleagues.

“Our goal as a company is always to look for better technological solutions, more user – friendly and socially responsible for our customers, and this news only confirms our ability to achieve this now and in our future work.”

Looking ahead, Edifier will continue to push forward new and exciting ideas, while maintaining innovation at the heart of everything it does.

About Edifier:

Edifier specializes in the design and manufacture of select audio solutions that feature technological innovation and design excellence. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Beijing, China, Edifier delivers an exceptional sound experience through a variety of audio systems for personal entertainment and professional use. Known for its award-winning design philosophy, expertise and innovation in acoustic technology and excellent manufacturing standards, Edifier is one of the leading innovators today in the field of audio electronics.

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