NY Renews advocates for Climate and Community Investment Act

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ROCHESTER, NY – NY Renews sponsored a rally on Saturday in support of the Climate and Community Investment Law, also known as CCIA, in Rochester.

A coalition made up of community groups and environmental organizations across the state, NY Renews hopes to build momentum for the CCIA transfer as part of the state budget for 2022.

This act will raise $ 15 billion a year by charging enterprise pollutants $ 55 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions they emit.

After that, the money will be reinvested in creating green jobs, providing frontline communities and building a renewed economy.

“If that happens it will be a makeover, it will make New York a leader in climate, justice and racial justice in the future,” said New York Coalition and Volunteer Innovator Alan Blair. If we do not do this, we will be in big trouble. It will not happen right away, but in about a decade, we will be in a very painful country if we do not do it. New York State can be a leader. “

NY Renews was part of the 2019 push to pass the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which ordered state-funded energy funding in communities struggling with climate change.




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