New app from Japan enables users to invest in utility scale PV starting from $2.25/W – pv magazine International

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The app is currently only available in Japan and its developer – Change The World – now plans to bring it to the US market. The app ostensibly allows for annual investment returns of between 3 and 4% for projects under Japan’s feed-in tariff plan.

The operator of the Japanese PV plant Change The World has developed a mobile application that allows investment in its own solar facilities located in Japan, starting from a minimum amount of $ 2.25 / W.

“Our app is currently only available for Japan but we plan to bring it to the US market as the next step and eventually [to] To expand globally, “said the company’s global expansion expert, Otto Sean Kiyama Pv magazine. “We are currently in contact with local partners.”

The app is called Change, It can be used on any mobile phone or online, giving users the option to invest in a solar plant with just a few clicks in one transaction.

In the app, users can see the exact power generated, the location and visualization of the PV plant, and the ROI, all in real time. Users can also check how much CO2 They reduced to testing their environmental contributions. “The average amount invested by our users is around $ 2,000, but we also received orders for very small parts of our solar parks.” As of the end of October, more than 15,000 users had decided to invest through the app, its developer states.

Users are allowed to visualize all the PV power assets owned by Change The World and choose between them for their investment. Those who buy a capacity of more than 1 kilowatt get a bonus on their payments.

Users do not receive physical documentation of the transaction. After purchasing part of the solar power plant, it is immediately displayed in the app, where users can check how many watts they have, their performance and their return. “Right now, we do not have a system for verifying transactions,” Kayama noted.

The company has built solar plants with a combined capacity of over 70 megawatts under Japan’s feed tariff plan and about 16 megawatts of these projects have been sold through the app. “Users can now track the electricity production their parts produce and calculate their revenue,” Kayama stressed, adding that the annual return on investment is estimated at 3 to 4%, depending on the project.

“Around 77% of the solar capacity deployed by Change The World is made up of agricultural projects,” Kayama further explained, stressing the importance of similar programs for a land-limited country like Japan.

“We officially started a partnership in June 2020 with the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) and in July 2021, with Japan Airlines (JAL),” Kayama further explained. “We offer a mileage service where you can earn one mile for every 200 yen [$1.76] Invest in solar power plants in our app. In addition, we have collaborated with their campaigns and publications in airline magazines, in-flight magazines and on community websites. “

“With our app, we want to get rid of the current stigma that the world has about solar investments,” Kayama continued. “The current image the company has of solar investments is that it is too expensive, too complicated, does not have the facility to place solar panels, and does not know the financial returns. The change allows anyone, regardless of age, income, knowledge and background, to easily start solar investments and become a donor. environmental”.

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