8 Of The Best Neo Geo Pocket Games

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Prepare your wallet for some tinkering while we look at some of the best Neo Geo Pocket games. They are super expensive and often quite difficult to obtain. But, if like me, the game is in your blood and your DNA, you will want to locate some of these games and play them yourself.

The Neo Geo Pocket console was first available in 1999 in Japan and later the American and European versions of the console were unveiled. The color version of the console was a successor to Neo Geo Pocket and offered significant upgrades over the original. With these significant upgrades came better games as well.

The power consumption from the palm rest was so low that you could play for more than 40 hours! The 40 hour battery life came from 2 AA 1.5V batteries only, which is amazing,

Considering the Neo Geo Pocket had a pretty capable console back in 1999, the asking price of just under $ 70 was a steal. Today even though the console will take you back almost twice as much, $ 140 on average for the original 1999 edition. Reproduction and replicas are available but real gamers know, original is best.

However, this is not the most expensive thing in the console. The games come from anywhere from $ 50 to $ 1000! They are usually not that rare, I imagine you can find some of them quite easily. If you want to check out some more retro and meager games, check out this collection of rare PS1 games.

The console costs around $ 200 and is usually available through Amazon.

So, like I said, sign up and see this list of the best Neo Geo pocket games ever created.

The best Neo Geo Pocket games

First on the list is a game that has, for me anyway, quite a bit of replay value. This is a digital collectible card game, which was initially poorly received, but has since grown to gain few followers in recent years, with more and more people revisiting older handheld consoles.

SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash

One of the best games for Neo Geo Pocket.

After playing the Pokemon trading card game on Gameboy, I wanted to play another card game that was no less good, if not better. It really scratched the itch.

Essentially the game focuses on “card battles”. Two players will fight for it, using their deck of cards. Each deck of cards must contain at least 50 cards of two different types: character cards and action cards. Character cards, as the name implies, represent the SNK or Capcom game location character.

Character cards are the main type of game and these cards have two statistics: Battle Points (BP) and Soul Points (SP).

BP’s similar to HP in Final Fantasy games and SPs are quite like MP in the FF universe. The idea is to lower your opponent’s card to 0 BP. Once they are, that particular card is discarded.

It’s a pretty fun game and worth a try.

Puzzle link

Puzzle Link is a puzzle game. It has really simple puzzle mechanics and it’s pretty addictive. This is one of the cheaper games available for Neo Geo Color, making it quite accessible to new owners of the manual console.

Puzzle link Is a tile matching game where you have to clear the blocks that take up space on the grid. Clean these blocks by creating a chain of two or more separate sections from each block type. You create this chain by firing pipe units one block wide from a launcher at the bottom of the screen, you can only aim the block launcher left or right, and this is where the difficulty comes in. This limited movement makes it quite a pain to shoot the blocks wherever you want them to go.

There are three modes to play through; Normal, clear and battle. I find the brightest mode the hardest to complete, it’s a great game, you’ll load the game and before you know it, you’ve spent the last two hours at your job through the puzzles!


Does this game really need an introduction? It is not! It’s a really good exit from the original. It works really well, and the click control stick is a pleasure to use.

Not only is it one of Neo Geo’s best pocket color games, it’s easily one of the best games of all time. Now, some people may say that it’s just for the sheer joy of nostalgia that they love this game.

It originally came to Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999, so give it a try. Although the sound is a bit ‘off’ and you will have to play in ‘magnification’ mode, this is a super portable version of a classic and it plays well, I enjoyed it.

You will find it available on ebay and sometimes you will find it available on your local entertainment exchange. However, expected to pay a premium, it is quite in demand.

Biomotor Unitron

When I think of Biomotor Unitron I think of Pokemon with robots. This is a very simple display of this awesome NeoGauo pocket paint game.

In an age of fighting little creatures facing each other, it seemed like the original and best Pokemon were so ahead of the competition that nothing would ever take its first place. And it’s pretty much stayed that way for the last 20 years.

Digimon and Yugioh cards are the closest competitors even though they are not exactly the same in terms of cultural influence. I can not think of anything that really came close.

In the case of Biomotor Unitron, a game that has ever seen only one game in the series, it’s mostly a Neo Geo Pocket Color game that is ignored, and it’s a shame it’s one of the best. Biomotor has insane strategic elements and an in-depth character creation system as well as a huge amount of attrition.

It has something for everyone and it looks super retro on the pocket color screen and really reminds me of Pokemon Red for Gameboy color and that’s not a bad thing! It’s definitely up there with the best games on Neo Geo! Go check it out.


Sonic, probably the best game for the neo geo.
Sonic, probably the best game for the Neo Geo.

I used the graphics of this game as the main blog image for a good reason, I think only this game is worth buying the console for. It’s such a good game and I think all Sonic games tend to pass the test of time. It can be described in one word, classic.

The game is a release of the game released in 1992, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for Sega Genesis. It’s a decent port and asks for most of the main themes and components of the game. It has some unique stages and elements from other games in the series, which I quite like. It takes the best from the best and connects them to a manual version on the pocket color.

The game was released for the Neo Geo all the way back in December 1999 and received generally positive reviews. Critics wrote that they felt that Sonic Pocket Adventure was a faithful and faithful adaptation of the original Sonic game formula.

Last blade

the last blade neo geo pocket color

The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny was first released for the PDA console in 2000.

This is a much scaled-down version of one of SNK’s most delicate, unappreciated and not-so-few fighting games. The Last Blade is similar in design, atmosphere and themes to the Samurai Showdown, but hosts its own array of sword ninjas.

The Neo Geo Pocket Color edition includes several additional modes. So, along with normal VS mode you also get story mode and survival mode. It’s such a fun game and the push buttons make it a real button.

It’s pretty hard to find this game in good condition so to give gamers a chance to fight you can get it on the Nintendo Switch as well. It will cost you around $ 8 for the reissue, which I think is a bargain considering it gives you battle fans the chance to play one of the rarer games on the Neo-Geo Pocket Color platform.

Click the link here to buy it from a Nintendo store.

Arms Dark: Beast Buster

dark arms

Dark Arms: Beast Buster was first released in 1999. This is a role-playing game released by SNK for Neo Geo Pocket Color. This is a sequel to the Beast Busters shooter game. In Dark Arms you play as a girl, Meghan Loughlin, whose job is to defeat and contain a disgusting outburst of demons. You will also be required to act as an intermediary between this world and the next world.

You can collect the ghosts of the various demons and zombies you fight in a game with a gun known as the “Catcher”. The story is really good and I would love to see a modern image of the game that came out for the PS5.

Once you have enough spirits, you can use the captive spirits to ‘feed’ your weapons. You are basically using their spirit as ammunition! You can also use them to upgrade your weapons to more powerful weapons by developing them. Your base pistol, for example, can evolve into a Sub Shotgun, which then evolves into a shotgun.

This game has a lot of content, it’s not a run and a gun, it’s some mixed strategy and it’s really fun. Nintendo also included it in the Vol 1 collection of Neo Geo games that they announced the move.


One of the best and rarest games for the Neo Geo Color.
One of the best and rarest games for the Neo Geo Color.

I heard comparisons that Pasley! Reminiscent of the PSOne Carnage Heart game and I can definitely appreciate that sentiment.

The game takes place in 2099. This is a period that the world suffers after the end of World War III. The Middle Eastern nation of Easter tried to mediate peace between the remaining countries. The king was murdered, which as you can imagine, caused all sorts of problems!

When it released Faselei! Has become one of the most popular games for the mobile system. I think it’s also because of how technically advanced the game was, squeezing every last ounce of processing power from the Neo Geo Color.

It is said that the copies of the existing game are less than 10,000. Because re-read they are probably less than half that, so that means there are about 5000 copies ever sold because of the recall mentioned. This makes it a rare game due to lack.

Along with the low number of copies available, due to the technical superiority in terms of graphics and sound it is highly sought after. That means you can expect to pay a penny on ebay and other auction sites.

The best pocket games in Neo Geo

There are many great games for NeoGeo Pocket Color. The following 9 games did not really make the cut (in our opinion) to be the best games for the palm rest. But, they do deserve mention and are worth checking out.

  • Metal snail
  • Mini bobble jigsaw puzzle
  • Samurai Shodown II
  • King of Warriors Round 2
  • The Millennium Game
  • Pocket tennis
  • Rockman Battle & Fighters
  • Cotton: Fantastic night dreams
  • Baseball star color

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