Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for Fortnite


Here are a handful of the best Nintendo Switch reviewers for Fortnite. When looking for the best Nintendo Switch controller, you need to consider quite a few factors. Timing is everything in the Fortnite game, and you will need a controller to enhance your gaming experience, as opposed to lowering your chances of winning!

To gain this competitive advantage in Fortnite, you will need a controller with super-smooth and easy-to-click buttons. You will also need the analog sticks to provide you with a huge range of motion and be particularly responsive.

There is a lot to choose from, depending on how much you are willing to spend on a controller. Whether you are budget or style conscious, there is something here for you.

5 Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for Fortnite

Unlike Joy-Cons which will cost you easily in the game due to inefficiency, all the controllers listed below have the prices, the best features, offer value for money, they are also easy on the eye !.

These controllers will not only help you win a competitive Fortnite game, but will also ensure that your fun is increased tenfold.

  1. Pro Controller
  2. Control parent wires
  3. remote control
  4. Control the PowerA GameCube
  5. Wireless controller TERIOS

Pro Controller

The Pro Controller is one of the best!

God Pro Controller Is one of the best Nintendo Switch reviewers for the Fortnite game. It works just like the Joy-Cons included, but it’s much more convenient. The ergonomic grips will help prevent awkward hand cramps that can cause you to lose a game!

In addition, there are a few other perks, like Amiibo and rumble support. Rumble support enhances the game experience by providing tactile feedback when you shoot a weapon, or when damage is done during the game.

Unlike Joy-Cons, the intent with the Pro Controller is smooth and reliable. The reaction is immediate, and the stick provides a wide range of motion for better play.

If that’s not enough, you do not have to worry about your controller running out, it has a decent enough battery that will last for ages and ages. But, if its charging is over it comes with a USB-C cable. You can use it wired or wireless, which means you will not have to stop playing to charge your Pro Controller.

In summary, these are the pros and cons of the Pro Controller:


  • It supports motion controls to enhance your Fortnite gameplay.
  • Has the correct stick position for better controls.
  • wireless.
  • Ergonomic grip helps prevent hand cramps.


  • More expensive than other offers.

Control parent wires

Hori is a great option for your cattle needs.
Hori is a great option for your cattle needs.

God Control parent wires Is an excellent controller because it is efficient. Fortunately, this costs less than half the price of the Pro Controller. This is the best option if your budget is limited because Hori’s wired controller does not compromise on accuracy.

Fortnite requires maximum accuracy while playing, and having a linear controller helps in this aspect. Although wired controllers are affected by Wi-Fi and other connections, Hori’s wired controller bypasses this problem.

Unfortunately, you do not get the additional features such as rumble and Amiibo support. However, if you are looking for better control over a standard price, the Hori wired controller is your best bet.


  • You get value for money
  • It has an excellent wire length (10-foot cable)
  • For the price, it has incredible accuracy
  • It has a removable D surface


  • It’s not wireless
  • Missing traffic controls
  • It has no thunder support

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

PowerA Controller is one of the best switch controllers for Fornite.
PowerA Controller is one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers for Fornite.

As for the best features, e PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller Takes the prize. This is a wireless device that is much cheaper compared to most controllers on the market.

One of the invincible features of this controller is the programmable rear buttons. These buttons may not be suitable for those in elite controllers, but they still work. All you have to do is dedicate some functions to the back buttons, giving you a hand on the top in online games.


  • It supports traffic controls
  • The device has backwards programmable buttons, perfect for Fortnite
  • The controller has a battery life of 30 hours
  • It is incredibly comfortable in your hand


  • Too light in the hand
  • It has no noise effect
  • It lacks Amiibo functionality
  • There is zero hefty feedback

Control the PowerA GameCube

Visit Gamecube for the switch?
Control GameCube for the switch?

God Control the PowerA GameCube Designed for fun and adventurous gamers who want a little notebook in the design of their Nintendo Switch controller. This controller is a product of PowerA and has a weird button design, which sets it apart from the rest. The look with its retro, crazy and fun layouts allows for a varied and fun game.

The best part about the PowerA GameCube controller is that it evokes memories of your youth because of its design, so you get a dose of nostalgia when you indulge in your favorite Fortnite game.


  • It’s a modern past to play in recent games
  • It has a purple and fun design
  • It pays off


  • Not a great layout for Fortnite (though it’s a fine game)

TERIOS Wireless Pro Controller

Terios is one of the best controllers for Fortnite.
Terios is one of the best controllers for Fortnite.

God TERIOS Wireless Pro Controller It has an unusual design, with green and pink or blue and red popping up at first glance. This is by far the best in maneuvering games, and by providing an instant re-sync button, you can continue from where you left off in Fortnight.

This TERIOS controller also has perfect motion control. As a result, players enjoy the 6-axis sensor, which ensures an accurate gaming experience (which Fortnite deals with).

The controller has a dual analog stick and extended triggers. All of these wonderful features allow players to be flexible and precise. Without a doubt, you can become a true professional in no time.

The adjustable turbo speed allows you to set your controller according to the game. Plus, you do not have to keep pressing the buttons because you can set the shooting speed and deal with your opponent with one click.


  • It has an instant resynchronization button
  • It has four vibration levels for the noise effect
  • There are three levels of turbo speed
  • It uses Bluetooth (5.0) broadcast with NFC functionality


  • It’s relatively expensive

Best settings for Nintendo Switch Fortnite Controller Combat

fortnite controller settings

Input settings

  • Sensitivity of the controller X – 0.60
  • Cattle sensitivity Y – 0.60
  • Censor targeting sensitivity – 0.25
  • Sensitivity of the scope of the cattle – 0.25
  • Make a view – turned off
  • Default Sprint: On


Fortnite is a game that requires precision. To achieve your gaming goals, you need the best Nintendo Switch controller on the market today.

The Nintendo Switch may not be as luxurious as other consoles and may lack some controller options. However, it is better than the basic Joy-Cons.

Choose the best Nintendo Switch controller for Fortnite from the list above because they are some of the best, cheapest, most convenient and coolest controller designs on the market today.

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