Avoya Travel Network Gains Major Private Equity Investment Partner

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The award-winning host agency, Avoya Travel Network, announced today some important news that will have a profound and positive impact on the future trajectory of the family company. With 57 years as one of the world’s leading travel and technology marketing companies in the field of travel, Abaya has just acquired a new shareholder and investment partner in Struggles.

Jeff Anderson, a third-generation travel agent for Abaya and co-president at present, today released the news to the company’s travel agency network and independent consultants during a Zoom meeting. He described this latest development as a game changer and predicted that it would be revealed at a central moment in the history of Abijah.


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“I am really, really excited to announce today that in our efforts to partner with the best and brightest … we are bringing a new partner, a new shareholder to the business,” he said.

Certares is a private equity firm with offices in New York, Luxembourg and Dubai. Its name may not be well known, but its investments include well-known brands such as AmaWaterways, American Express Global Business Travel, G Adventures, Hertz, Internova Travel Group and TripAdvisor.

“They focus their investments on privately owned companies in the travel and tourism, hospitality and consumer services sectors,” Anderson explained. “We are very, very excited about the opportunities to work alongside the brilliant people there,” he said.

Since 2018, the company has been committed following a five-step initiative, dubbed ‘Avoya 2025’, designed to reach the organization’s goal of becoming the number one holiday platform in the world.

“Here we are, now, towards the end of 2021 and the plan continues,” Anderson reflected. “Sure, there were a lot of distractions, no one expected this inconceivable disruption, but we have never lost our ambitions and we are still going in the right direction.

Anderson said that Centares’ core values, “are so aligned with the way Anderson has been operating for so long. And that was a privilege, we have known about this wonderful team for many, many years.” He continued, “I think what’s so exciting about this is, in partnership with Certares, going to let us fulfill our wildest dreams, that perhaps as a family business, we did not have the same opportunity to fulfill.”

Anderson said he expects to see a lot of change and rapid growth within the company. Co-founder Van Anderson will retire almost immediately. His brother, co-founder Brad Anderson, will move to the position of senior adviser to the organization. The day-to-day operations will continue to be overseen by Jeff and Michael Anderson, who currently hold the titles of co-presidents, but will now move to co-CEO positions.

“A very, very good thing is already happening here. Certres has been very involved in understanding our business and we are really proud of the fact that they have decided to put money behind what they see here,” he said. And this is a huge testimony to every person who has contributed to the abomination. We are really just modest in this matter. “

Anderson said that “Centares’ investment in the Avoya platform means tremendous growth for the future. I am so excited about the confidence they have in what we are doing here … the growth [trajectory] That we are going to be in it is going to be a wild and exciting adventure. “

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