How to Expand Your Target Schools to Find Top Technical Talent


Are you struggling to find top technical talent at the early career level? Maybe it’s time to rethink your university partnership strategy and connect with candidates who have ignored them in the past. Find out how b Where to go: How to expand your school’s reach to find top technical talent, A new guide from RippleMatch and CodeSignal.

RippleMatch, An automated recruitment platform for early career recruitment, has combined its leading strategies and data insights with the CodeSignal University Rankings Report for 2021, based on target skills. The result is a complete guide to looking beyond traditionally high-ranking programs, which are not necessarily the best sources of leading engineering talent today. You will learn how to reach more diverse, career-ready candidates that other companies may not be targeting.

By Download this guide, You will receive:

  • Top schools lists based on student performance in CodeSignal’s General Coding Assessment, a standard coding assessment that measures core skills for early career talent, and was taken by 50% of computer science graduates last year.
  • 5 practical strategies for contacting candidates who may have been ignored in the past
  • The leading universities for technical talent are divided according to various criteria, including: regional, public, private and HSIs
  • Colleges and universities that have been ignored should be recruited from today

It’s time to go beyond the pedigree and consider objective career readiness data. This guide will give you ideas that you can apply now to make sure you build the best team of the future.

We were excited to partner with RippleMatch in this guide. The RippleMatch platform empowers on-campus recruitment teams to connect with the best candidates at each university in an expandable and measurable way. And the RippleMatch platform integrates with CodeSignal, so you can have students automatically sourced with high GCA scores.



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