OCLEAN Announces Black Friday Offers

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Oclean is a fast growing company in the oral care market. Oclean, is dedicated to improving oral health through technology and innovation and advocates and promotes the idea of ​​smart oral care. During the sale of its Black Friday from the 25th ThursdayGod’ November to Monday 29God’ In November 2021, Oclean greatly discounted its latest oral health ranges. This is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with the new smart toothbrush or water thread or even buy one as a Christmas gift for that special someone.

Every day throughout the Black Friday sale, Oclean will launch its flash sale with discounts of up to 80% on a limited number of products.

Free gifts

With every purchase of an Oclean product, no promotion code is needed, Oclean will add free dental floss and the first 100 orders each day will also receive 2 P4 brush heads free.

  • Orders over £ 74.09 * will receive 1 * for freeOaklin’s briefcase
  • Orders over £ 126.47 * will get 1 * Oclean S1 toothbrush sterilizer for free
  • Orders over £ 186.34 * will receive 1 * Oclean One electric toothbrush for free
  • Orders over £ 298.54 * will receive the Oclean W1 Water Flosser for free

The Oclean F1 will be much cheaper for £ 7.48 * from £ 37.41 * for example. For full details on promotions on each product, please visit the Oclean Black Friday website: Black Friday Deal of the Year – Oaklin Clerk

The popular Oclean X Pro Smart Sonic toothbrush is 50% discounted up to 44.15 pounds * and comes with free Holder and 2 brush heads P4 x.

  • The intuitive color touch screen displays all the information you need to clear at the celebrity level. Keep track of progress, adjust to sensitivity, never miss a place.
  • Smart AI frequency reduction reduces the frequency automatically when over-brushing is detected. No more damage, bleeding or discomfort from brushing!
  • A 6-axis built-in mini gyroscope detects brushing motion and produces instant reports on your brushing technique.
  • Magnetically mounted on the wall or mirror to save space when not charged. The brush lasts 30 full days of battery life in one charge.
  • Multiple bristles are designed in three dimensions with DuPont wires specially made to provide an optimal level of cleanliness. Gentle curves improve comfort and prevent damage to teeth.

God OCLEAN W10 Water Flosser will be dropped from £ 52.38 * to £ 44.15 * for the Black Friday period.

OCLEAN’s W10 Water Wire is the larger and more efficient brother of everyday wire, and is the perfect way to prevent nasty mouth problems and improve your overall oral health, and make sure your smile Always On the spot.

Producing a powerful pulse frequency of 1,400 times per minute, the W10 comes with 4 unique nozzles each designed to suit different purposes. The regular nozzle is perfect for those looking for a way to effectively clean the bacterial layer that forms inside the spaces and surfaces of the teeth, while the tongue nozzle is great for keeping your tongue healthy and your breath fresh. The two remaining nostrils are absolutely essential for those who have braces or suffer from gum disease; They provide users with controlled and sensitive water eruptions that can be directed to even the most difficult places to reach.

For all suggestions please visit: Black Friday Deal of the Year – Oaklin Clerk



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