Future PPC trends for different platforms {Latest } 2021

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Pay per click or PPC was one of the most powerful marketing tools for promotion on digital platforms.

It is easily controlled by Google, it has many players coming in, which makes the game much more interesting and competitive.

PPC is a constantly evolving aspect of the marketing world with platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. that are experimenting and discovering new ways to facilitate their customers. While this expands the scope of paid marketing, it also confuses businesses to formulate an effective strategy.

A growing number of businesses are turning to The best PPC agency in Melbourne, To ensure that their marketing investments go in the right direction. Here are some futuristic trends that will help you stay up to date, leverage the best features of the platforms and earn maximum ROI from PPC investments.

Trends for Google PPC Ads

Google ads have probably been around for the longest time and have come a long way. These ads have evolved a lot since their inception with many features to facilitate the users. The following features will determine the The face of Google ads In the near future.

The rise in automation continues

Extensive automation using AI and ML saves a lot of time and frees marketers from some manual tasks. It will likely grow and help campaigns by identifying performance issues, dynamically creating ads based on user preferences, computing the best bidding strategy, and so on.

Smart quote

Enabled with computational learning, smart bidding reveals practical insights into recent trends and consumer behavior to optimize your ads and increase conversions.

Search Engine Responsive Ads (RSA)

RSA lets you set up 15 titles and 4 ad descriptions. Google identifies the best combination based on the search performed by your target audience to share the best message.

Video ads

By 2022, over 80% of consumer traffic will be driven by videos. Including videos in your PPC marketing will help you increase conversion and get tremendous engagement. You can link products to video ads and also include VR to provide real-life experiences.

Trends in Facebook advertisements

Mobile video ads first

Studies have shown that almost 8 million videos are viewed on Facebook every day. You can run video ads on Facebook stories, create a custom audience for better engagement. You can use both mobile and video photography to facilitate your brand promotions and awareness.

AI and AR

Facebook, being a futuristic platform, is investing heavily in automation to improve campaign performance and raise ROI. Interactive ads that allow users to try to create and play games will increase its viability in the near future.

Trends in Ticktok ads – influencers, UGC and memes

Tiktok surprised the world and swallowed the huge global population in a short time. Today it caters to more than 800 million users and is the fastest growing social media platform.

It allows businesses to connect with a huge and engaging audience through captivating and exciting video ads. The last feature that allows merchants to promote and sell through it directly is a great boost to its marketing and conversion capabilities.

Trends in LinkedIn ads – B2B advertising

LinkedIn is the most dominant online marketing platform for B2B companies with searches based on a large number of features. You can rank by Joe titles, company, industry, seniority, company ties, interests and education.

It allows you to create full marketing campaigns in the funnel with interactive CTAs that you can distribute throughout your customers’ journey.



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