What is Cybercrime: Definition & Examples

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The use of the Internet has increased drastically in recent years, and so criminal activity on the Internet is developing. Most people think that cybercrime is just a criminal activity where hackers steal the user’s financial information. But that’s not the only thing. Cybercrime is constantly evolving with new threats popping up every year.

In this article we will understand what cybercrime is, the definition of cybercrime, the impact of cybercrime, how it works, etc. Let’s discuss this:

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Introduction to cybercrime

Cybercrime is usually called computer-oriented criminal activity that uses or targets a network, computer system or network device. Most cybercriminals commit cybercrime to make money by targeting people. However, some professional cybercriminals can threaten an organization by harming or shutting down the entire network.

Apart from this, the cyber criminal can also use computers or networks to transmit viruses, malware, pornographic content, illegal information, etc. These actions are usually done to harm their computers and data, for reasons that are not just for profit.

Typically, the main motive of cybercriminals is to generate profit for them. To do so, cybercriminals may commit a variety of for-profit criminal activities, such as theft and resale of identities, gaining access to financial accounts, misusing credit cards to obtain money or goods, committing email scams, trading in pornography or intellectual property, accessing government information On theft and resale, etc. More precisely, cybercrime can range from security breaches to identity theft.

Definition of cybercrime

Cybercrime is a type of crime that involves a computer and network to commit illegal acts by digital means. This can be done by individuals or small groups of people with little technical knowledge, or by highly organized global criminal groups with relatively skilled developers and professionals.

Skilled cybercriminals use advanced tools and techniques to hide their identity and location. In addition, some cybercriminals commit cybercrime from countries where there are weak or missing cybercrime laws. This helps reduce the chances of finding and prosecuting cybercriminals.

Defining cybercrime

God Ministry of Justice (DOJ) In the United States, cybercrime has been divided into the following three categories:

Crimes in which the computer acts as a weapon, ie carrying out a DoS (denial of service) attack, etc.
Crimes in which the computer is aiding the crime, that is, storing illegally obtained data on the computer.
Crimes where the computer device is the target, i.e. gaining access to a computer or network.

These are the crimes that differentiate between cyber crimes and traditional crimes. It only states that cybercrime is an attack on information about people, factories or governments. These attacks occur on virtual entities of individuals or organizations (this is nothing but a set of information features on the Internet).

In addition, the United States has signed the European Convention on Cybercrime. Thus, anything that includes the following is considered a cybercrime:

Selling illegal items online.
Illegal gambling.
Copyright infringement.
Illegal interception or theft of data.
Solicitation, production or processing of child pornography.
Interference with systems in a way that endangers a network.

The Impact of Cybercrime

It is difficult to accurately assess the true impact of cybercrime. The impact of cybercrime can be devastating due to the high risk of data loss and financial impact. The effects of cybercrime can be classified into the following three categories:

For individuals

The impact of cybercrime on people can be seen in particular. There can be issues like data breaches, identity theft or trafficking to malicious websites etc. with the devices. Because of this, you can see suspicious credit card charges and loose access to their financial accounts. In addition, cybercriminals may misuse data stored on devices for harassment and extortion.

for business

Businesses may suffer from sensitive data loss, financial loss, or brand damage, etc. It can directly affect the value of the company, the share price, and can also cause a loss of reputation, customers, etc.

If companies fail to protect customer data, they will have to pay fines and penalties as well. In addition, a cyber criminal may secretly sell the company’s sensitive data to other companies.

For the government

This is a very important offense when accessing government data for misuse. Cybercriminals use advanced tools and technologies to gain access to the most sensitive government data. The main purpose of focusing on government data is to harm data or sell national security and defense data.

An example of cybercrime

The most common examples of cybercrime include the following:

Examples of cybercrime - What is a cybercrime?

DDoS attack

One of the most common examples of cybercrime is a distributed DoS attack. These attacks are mostly performed to shut down systems or networks.

Malicious software

Malware is used to infect systems or networks and harm users by harming their software, data or entire systems. Malware is often used to encrypt or turn off targeted devices until a ransom is paid.


Cybercriminals usually send emails or scam messages to victims and redirect them to fake websites. The site can be an exact replica of any popular and reliable site. Because of this, users enter their personal information such as usernames, passwords, bank details or other important data, without knowing that these details go directly to cybercriminals.

Certificate attack

A credential attack is the most common example of cybercrime, where a cybercriminal seeks to steal information about a user’s financial accounts. In most cases, this type of attack is carried out using brute-force by installing keylogger software, which secretly records everything the user enters through the keyboard.

Website hijacking

Another common example of cybercrime is hacking where cybercriminals try to gain access to the site and modify or remove unauthorized content. In order to carry out this type of attack, a cyber criminal usually puts malicious code into the site using the SQL (Structured Query Language) injection method.

How do I know if I’m targeted for cybercrime?

It is not easy to find out if a person is targeted by cybercriminals or has fallen victim to cybercrime. However, the following signs may indicate that something is suspicious and may be the cause of cybercrime:

Malware infectionA: Computer or other devices may start running slowly even when heavy applications are not running. Additionally, some error messages may appear on the screen.

KeyloggerA: There may be various suspicious icons on your computer. Also, there may be a problem of duplicate text in everything you type or paste using your computer.

Botnet: It may take a long time for the computer to shut down or not shut down properly. In addition, there can be a number of additional activities such as programs that run slowly, inability to download windows updates and antivirus updates, a fan running so fast even in the ideal situation, and so on. It is very difficult to detect if your computer is infected with a botnet.

Fishing or farming attackA: You may see an unknown or suspicious deduction on your credit card or other damaged accounts.

Crypto-jackingA: You will notice a decrease in performance even when performing very basic tasks on your computer. There can also be an increase in electricity bills due to heavy resource consumption.


If unexpected unexpected activities occur on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or any other network device, there may be a reason for cybercrime activity. Therefore, if your device behaves strangely and sounds suspicious, then you should get advice from cyber experts. If you are harmed by cybercrime, it is best to disconnect the device from the network and spend some time reporting cybercrime using another secure device.



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