Opening a Merchant Account: Things You Should Know

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Some people love traditions, others love adventure and unknown spaces, thirdly looking for compromises between these two extremes.

With our online account, we offer great options that are realized by breaking through into the unknown and perfected by new technologies.

A Merchant account Has become a unique device for business people as it overcomes the space and time problem specific to traditional banking. With a merchant account, you are not dependent on your bank’s working hours either
Physical or legal boundaries between countries.

You can use an online account at any time and get different payment cards from different regions of the world in different currencies. So, traditional banks
Can only sigh on the beach, looking at the unlimited possibilities of merchant accounts.
To join this option of running an online business account, you need to know for sure
● Merchant account will act as a means of transmission between payments you receive from your customers (in any form, such as e-wallet, credit cards, etc.) and your company’s current account
● Merchant account can guarantee your company money from fraud and refund
● A merchant account can be opened quite easily from your home because the only thing you need for it is a stable internet connection and basic documents about your company
● Merchant account and all his Actions with money You can easily control from anywhere and anytime using applications or web browsers.
Genome Account provides an online financial service in Europe with exceptional options for
Your business:
● Quick and easy opening of an e-wallet
● IBAN Multi-currency business
● Up to 5 IBANS in one account in each currency – Euro, US Dollar and GBP
● the Transaction speed for B2B Is 72 hours
● The transaction speed for B2C is 48 hours
● Save money with convenient exchange rates
● Option to add more people to manage your account with different access (up to 20) A merchant account is a reliable ship in a sea of ​​financial options.

Those who will stand on board the ship will be the first to reach new horizons for their businesses. An online financial service provided by a Genome account will be your dedicated assistant in conquering this new horizon.



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