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We cherish goal games because it gave flexibility in the rules and made the game fun. As we look back and smile in those days because they are pleasant memories that gave us a chance to play. Right?

Imagine children playing with toys that give such flexibility in building some such games that are fun.

Of QtPi Kit for beginners Gives this opportunity to build 150+ projects Helps the child’s imagination. One of our QtPis (student) designed, built and displays a Project Merry Go Round

With such a project children will build skills of 21st Century – Because design will help with motor skills, programming will help with logical thinking along with rational questions / thoughts and assistance in presentation in communication along with tools for video editing. As a parent you are really helping your child get in NEP 2020 Go through the speech process.

Fun time 🙂

We believe that these children will embark on a journey of opening up their imagination, since it is the aspirations of all human beings.

Let your child design, build and play games. Your child will thank you for creating wonderful memories.

Build your own story with a robotic starter kit –

Join us to build a community of unlocking imagination.



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