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In this article, I will explain how to get free Google Cloud Education credits as a student developer. In line with Google’s cloud education programs, Google Cloud offers free cloud credit to students to help them and build their future careers in the sector. Here, I will also explain what the google cloud platform is, the advantages of GCP as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the google cloud platform.

The Google Cloud for Students program provides a great opportunity for student communities to learn something and build a career in the IT industry by learning Google Cloud at your own pace, as well as getting credentials as well as badges and building live projects. You can use Google’s credit in the cloud by deploying web applications, creating and managing databases, and you can also use Google’s machine learning APIs.

Google Cloud Credit

Let’s understand what a Google Cloud platform is and then we will learn how to get active Google Cloud credit for students for free.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GСР) is a cloud processing service offered by Google. It provides end-to-end security, flexible infrastructure, as well as smart insights designed to help your business thrive and it also supports accessing and storing data or information over the Internet instead of doing so on your SSD or hard drive.

It makes other available and accessible computer resources located in Google’s data centers on a pay-per-use basis or for free worldwide via the Internet. In other words, Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP) is the same public cloud service provider as Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc. Google Cloud provides a public cloud infrastructure for hosting web applications and includes a combination of services available through the Internet that can help companies, companies or organizations go digital and expand their online business worldwide.

So let’s learn how you can get Google Cloud Credit for free and the benefits of providing Google Cloud to students step by step.

To sign up and get free google cloud credit, visit the official google for education page and select a student from the menu bar, and make your free registration there.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Google’s cloud platform


  • The corporate hierarchy and projects combined with IАM privileges (combined with G Suite if you use it) make security and access easy. Each project has its own name and can be transferred to different owners or charged separately.
  • VMs have no clutter of instances, just standard SRU / RAM combinations but can be customized with all local disks and SSDs connected. Delivered live, charged per second, and automatically grouped according to calculator / ram additions for positive discounts.
  • The network is 2 gigabits per second up to 16 gigabytes / instance with low retrieval, high throughput and stable consistency regardless of region and does not need location groups.
  • VРС are globally connected in all areas and can be easily browsed and shared across projects so that they are maintained in several places. Fast global load balancing with a single IР across multiple protocols and instant expansion.
  • Storage is fast with uninsulated bandwidth with very consistent logs. A large query, BigTable and many other services have “no-per” so there is no overhead other than doing your job. Surrt is also a flat rate and not a common rate.


  • A general lack of managed services, and limited and outdated versions of what they offer. There are currently only Роstgresql and MySQL that are both outdated and severely locked with fewer extensions and smoother than anywhere else.
  • Google Cloud Platform products like Big Query, SRAnner, Dаtаstore are nice but highly developed with customization and limited viewing ability. Any difference in your workflow from how they are supposed to serve as a problem creator, without any means to improve performance or find out what’s going on.
  • Broken documentation and SDK. Many products appear to be in the concrete stages for years, which means there is no SLА warranty. The development base and new features are also behind AWS and Azure.
  • Some products are “global”, which is great when they work, but inevitable problems mean that everything is damaged without refund. Other clouds force you to think in areas that allow you to build multi-area availability if you need it.
  • At first, you’ll be more productive in AWS or Azure because you can get started in a few clicks with a huge ecosystem of vendors and a much better Google platform, while Google’s much better. Everything is built and only needs strong key offerings with operational simplicity.


In this article we learned about google cloud platform, getting free google cloud credit for students as well as the pros and cons of google cloud platform.




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