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Continuous profile

The term continuous profile refers to application performance data that is continuously collected and made available to developers for more in-depth analysis in production environments.

An ongoing profile can be used to understand which components, methods, or lines of code are the most resource-intensive. The developer can use this insight to improve the performance of the app with a profile and understand the runtime behavior.

FusionRector Ultimate There are a number of profile tools included

Continuous code profile

With Code Profiler, you can easily run low-performance code performance analysis in your production environment. Profiles are created automatically so you will not miss any problem.

The code profile in FusionReactor provides instant insight into your app’s performance, down to the method level.

Continuous threading profile

With a continuous wire profile and stack trace analysis, performance issues can be detected efficiently and quickly. Through a APM that includes a threading profile Like FusionReactor, you can quickly profile or stack a single thread to identify performance issues, deadlocks, and concurrent issues.

Continuous memory profile

Continuous memory profiles give you a detailed insight into Java memory spaces and garbage collection. with the FusionReactor Low overhead memory profile, You can detect memory leaks and optimize memory usage in your production Java applications and get instant insight into the stack.

What is a memory leak?

In an app, memory leakage occurs when an object retains memory and cannot be retrieved because it is redirected by another live object (due to a defect in the app). Leaked objects are accessible from at least one GC root or are themselves GC Roots, and each leaked object has a path that begins with GC Roots and contains (ends) the leaked object.

The memory profile detects possible memory leaks or excessive creation of a real-time object using a stack.

Continuous CPU profile

Master a CPU profile Your APM allows you to find and direct inefficient processes running on your application server.

Low Overhead Java Profiler lets you see which code is being executed and which functions are running which may slow down threading.



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