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SHENZHEN is holding a global investment conference on December 15th

Shenzhen is set to hold the Global Investment Promotion Conference for 2021 to attract more investment from all over the world.

The Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference for 2021 is hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and co – organized by the Shenzhen City Chamber of Commerce, the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Information Office and the Shenzhen City Government’s Foreign Ministry. The theme is “A New Era, a New Journey – Invest in Shenzhen, Build a Winning Future”, the conference will be held on December 15 at the Wuzhou Guest House, Shenzhen, and will introduce global investors to economic vitality, innovation, city charm and investment. potential. The conference will also highlight the direction of development of Shenzhen’s strategic industries and futures industries, as well as the division of key industries and investment attractiveness of each province while gathering global quality resources for further development of Shenzhen for the first choice for global investment.

Representatives at VP level and above from Fortune Global 500 or from the top 500 corporations in China, large SOEs, leading private organizations, listed companies and unicorn companies will be invited to attend the conference. In China, large trade unions and others.All these companies and institutions have actively signed up for the conference.Due to the limitations of cross-border travel, some senior executives of multinational enterprises, international institutions as well as representatives from big cities will send greetings to Shenzhen and the conference via videos.

The conference will be organized in the form of a series of “1 + 12 + N” events. In other words, it will include one major event, 12 district-level investment promotion conferences, and N parallel overseas meetings and industrial investment promotion activities, which will form a complete set of a series of investment promotion campaigns. In addition to the main meeting in Shenzhen, 12 parallel meetings were held Abroad in 12 cities across five continents, including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Sao Paulo in the Americas, London, Paris and Brussels in Europe, Hong Kong and Tokyo in Asia, Sydney and Brisbane in Oceania, as well as Johannesburg in Africa, where the The urban brand of “Invest in Shenzhen, Build a Winning Future” for all parts of the world. Currently, all 12 parallel meetings abroad have been successfully completed.

This is the third year that Shenzhen has hosted the Global Investment Promotion Conference since 2019. The conference will be hosted on the site by the International Headquarters, Shenzhen’s Investment Advisor and an outstanding registered organization to share the “Shenzhen Moments” of Investment Promotion. A number of major projects will also be signed to demonstrate Shenzhen’s attractiveness and innovation, as well as the confidence of investors from around the world in Shenzhen’s future development.

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