Soor is a Better UI for Apple Music

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Apple Music is a great app. It never feels neglected like some of Apple’s other stock apps (sorry calculator). However, the interface can sometimes feel a little musty. Soor is a third-party app that connects to Apple Music to introduce you to a refreshing user interface that focuses on gestures and music discovery.

Launching Soor, all your music is available instantly. It’s linked to the Native Apple Music API that allows all of this content, from your library to your For You recommendations, to populate the third-party app. Aside from providing initial access, the definition is extremely simple.

Navigation is what made me so excited about the app at first. Apple Music’s gesture control is limited to swiping back and forth or maybe occasionally sliding down to close an overlapping window. Sur full of them. You can slide up from the bottom to like a song or pull down and release from the top to close a window. Once familiar with the gestures, interacting with the app feels much more intuitive and fast.

Showcase 02 3Widgets are a great feature for Soor, beyond any music player I have tried. The app has more than a dozen widget options in small, medium and large sizes for you to choose from. Everyone asks for the red color of Apple Music or opt for a darker black background for night mode users. Many of the widgets are informative such as promoting new releases, recently played music, your collected mixes and more. But there are also Now Playing widgets that give you the current track, the artist, the sequel and playback controls.

I said earlier how Sur has focused on music discovery and she does it in several ways. One way is to make the app more accessible. Recommended music is displayed more easily so you can find something new. It will also send you push notifications about new releases from coaches you like. The second way is by creating Magic mixes. Using hundreds of parameters, you can create mixes of music to find exactly the songs you want to hear.

Another useful feature is sorting your music. There are seemingly endless sorting and filtering options to dive down through your music. Other great features are the trio of themes, a always accessible universal search, and the visual instrument of the artwork.

This is a classic Apple case that delivers great product in Apple Music but a third party is taking it one step further. This is a premium solution to get the most out of your Apple Music subscription with new features and regularly released enhancements.

But enough about other people’s apps.



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