Deepview, a Father’s Startup, Receives Investment From

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HO CHI MINH, Vietnam, December 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Hang Dang, a middle-aged father, invented a new learning technique to help his son overcome difficult lessons. Last month, his technique-based startup, called Deepview ( was invested by Zonestartup Vietnam.

Deepview will provide learners with a virtual button, which can be integrated into any video learning site. The button will appear with appropriate random questions given in advance to the learner to click on when the answers appear in the video. Once the learner clicks correctly, she will be rewarded with a Pandend (PE) token, a crypto that appears in Pancakeswap. Because the supply of PE tokens is limited, the thinner people join Deepview, the higher its value. With Deepview, learners will stay more focused, learn more easily with strong motivation.

From August 2021, Hung Dang tried a simple Deepview version with his son. Within 3 months, his son’s learning outcome improved significantly with a surprise for the whole family. Deepview has won praise from people who care about education. “Excellent. Congratulations! It could make a new leap forward in education,” Ms. Thu Hien, a K-12 teacher, told Deepview. For many other parents, Deepview will be a great solution to help their children get rid of stressful online learning tasks and homework. “This method will save lives for many families,” said Mr Anh Quan, UCCI’s representative in Vietnam.

To address the current “pain point” of many students, teachers and parents due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Deepview has successfully signed a pre-launch agreement with Funix – an online university, K-12 school and online learning company. Within a month, it had generated more than $ 52,000 for an early sale of service and is currently gaining a lot of attention in Vietnam. Deepview is about to offer an S600 package in advance for teachers who have more than 50 learners with up to 50% off. Pandend token is registered in Pancakeswap with the PE ticker.

Aside from Deepview’s eyes also online commercials markets, where it helps viewers watch video ads longer and repeatedly. “With Deepview, businesses can get their customers thoroughly educated about the service,” said Hung Dang, CEO of Deepview.

With support from Zonestartup Vietnam, Deepview is expected to gain more traction and offer its “learn to earn” model to the global market over the next 3 years.





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