Philanthropists invest in medical innovation and orthopedic faculty support

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In addition, Cullen / Tumbrose’s early career professor will benefit promising orthopedists at State College and Hershey. A bachelor’s degree in early career provides the initial money for early research, which may have tremendous long-term value and form the basis for a successful academic career. Such awards also provide flexible funding for curriculum development, empowering recipients to become better teachers and leaders in their departments.

“The Cullen / Tumbrose Early Career Professorship will offer support and encouragement to generations of orthopedists during the critical first years of their careers,” said Dr. April Armstrong, C. McCollester Everts, MD and chair of orthopedics. “Talented roles like this are exponentially influential as they confirm the ability and promise of the faculty owner while enabling them to pursue new research that will improve lives and engage students in the process.”

In addition to these latest endowments, the Tombroses have consistently donated for 15 years to the Children’s Miracle Network and Four Diamonds, both directly and through donations to the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON). The couple also increased the opportunity for medical students with gifts for the summer internship program for medical students and by establishing the Dr. EW Cullen Van Cullen Tumbrus Medical Scholarship in 2019. This scholarship, named in honor of Anne and her father, a veteran physician and surgeon at State College, Pennsylvania, provides Support for students enrolled in the Penn State University College of Medicine program at State College Park.

Peter has also generously donated his time and expertise, serving as chairman of Penn State Health’s campaign for “The Great Penn State for 21st Century Excellence” and board member of Penn State Health Medical Center Milton S. Hershey.

“Our family has always recognized the power of science and medical innovation to improve health, and we recognize the unique ability that Penn States have to drive discovery and develop leaders,” said Peter Tombros. “Ann and I are excited to support the faculty and scientists of Penn State College of Current and Future Medicine who will transcend their creativity and expertise in developing new technologies and medical treatments and training generations of Penn States to lead the way in changing human health.”

These gifts to Penn State Health are part of the commitment of the Tombroses that also supports inter-college athletics, the College of Agricultural Sciences and the College of Arts and Architecture. The commitment places the tombstones among the top five donors in the university’s history.

Support from the Tombrouses will promote the “Great Pen State for 21st Century Excellence,” a targeted campaign that seeks to elevate Penn State as a world-leading public university defined by rapid change and global ties. With the support of alumni and friends, “A Greater Penn State” seeks to fulfill the three main mandates of a 21st century public university: keeping the doors to higher education open to diligent students regardless of financial well-being; Creating transformative experiences that go beyond the classroom; And impact on the world by serving communities and fueling discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. For more information on “Greater Penetration State of 21st Century Excellence,” visit



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