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The career of a data scientist is one of the fastest expanding professions around the world. The explanation for this could be that people are attracted to the lucrative income of six digits or that they have a talent for data analysis and enjoy dealing with large amounts of data.

This review will examine DataCamp, one of the most recommended platforms for people learning code in the data science industry.

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Before diving into what DataCamp is all about, it should be appropriate to just take advantage of the foundations of the growing data science industry.

What is data science?

Data volumes have expanded as modern technology has made it easier to create and store ever-increasing amounts of data. The vast amounts of information of this technology can provide significant benefits to companies and society around the world, but only if humans can analyze it. This analysis process is where data science comes into the picture.

Data science refers to filtering, collecting and modifying data to perform advanced data analysis. Analytical applications and data scientists can then review the results to uncover patterns and allow company leaders to make informed decisions.

Over time, data science has become more and more in demand. This is why many seek to learn how to encode. If you are one of them, DataCamp is the place for you.

What is DataCamp?

Is among a number of significant Massive Open Online Course or MOOC providers. DataCamp, like other online learning platforms, will allow you to choose from various online programs to help you improve your data science and data analysis skills.

DataCamp is an online learning platform focused on data science and data analytics. This is the first online learning platform dedicated to teaching data science to people who want to learn more about the subject. It provides more than 350 courses taught by one of Datacamp’s 260 professors and major universities such as Duke University.

DataCamp programs are challenging and fascinating for both beginners and experienced learners, with fascinating courses and real-world projects suitable for students of all ability levels.

So, if you want to improve or expand your data skills but are still not sure where to take yourself, Datacamp is the ideal online platform for you. All software is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace.

DataCamp has partnered with more than 1,600 organizations and 3,000 academic institutions to provide education to more than 7 million students in more than 180 countries.

Who is DataCamp for?

DataCamp is for anyone who wants to learn more about data science applications. It can be for students, teachers and even business people.

DataCamp for students

DataCamp is attracting more and more learners around the world as they become curious about what data science and programming can offer. DataCamp offers various courses that can suit a person’s interests.

DataCamp for teachers

DataCamp courtesy provides free access to directories; All they have to do is apply to purchase over 1,200 hours of data science courses. It is possible to design tasks for their students and track their growth and progress as educators.

DataCamp for Business

DataCamp also works with Business
. It has worked with more than 1,600 companies, and 80 percent of Fortune 1000 companies use DataCamp to develop and strengthen their employees. DataCamp for Business focuses on improving the data-driven skills of everyone in the organization. It provides each of their staff with convenient online training. His interactive lessons are taught by one of the experienced instructors so you can be sure you are getting the best education possible.

TL; DR: Advantages and Disadvantages of DataCamp

Like any other online learning platform, DataCamp has its pros and cons.


  • Fascinating and sweeping: Datacamp courses are designed to be interactive, with lots of videos and fun tasks to do.
  • Open to new guides: Unlike many other online course providers, DataCamp allows almost anyone to conduct a class. Of course, you must demonstrate your skills, but you do not have to be accepted to work at a large university to lecture here. Furthermore, you can earn royalties through the revenue sharing program and spread your impact and lectures to a global audience by studying at DataCamp. You can create DataCamp projects for students, teach classes or create short practice assignments.
  • Different platforms are availableDataCamp is available on many different platforms. You can access lessons from a personal computer, laptop or mobile device because everything is 100% online. You can also get unlimited access to mobile courses and practice exercises with a mobile subscription only.
  • Experts with years of experience: More than 270 experts from the data science and analytics community participate.
  • DataCamp offers a large selection: DataCamp is designed for both full beginners and intermediate learners. Everyone will find something to their liking.
  • Simple and logical pricing structure: The Start For Free program is available, allowing you to access the first chapters of programs and exams. The courses on this site are simple to understand and are also transparent.


  • The courses are taught only in English: Programs in DataCamp are offered in English only. Subtitles in Chinese, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese are available. However, you can not download them with the videos for offline viewing.
  • Only a few categories of courses are available: Unlike many other platforms that provide programs on various topics like the humanities and business, DataCamp focuses solely on data science and analytics. While there are more than 350 courses in this field, it is lacking in other disciplines, making it difficult to broaden horizons and learn more about different topics. Furthermore, some of DataCamp’s video courses are a bit short and lacking in information, leaving you with the impression that you’re missing something.
  • There is no certification: DataCamp does not provide a recognized certification. Instead, upon completion of the course, an achievement statement is issued.

Why choose DataCamp?

With over 350 courses to choose from and nearly 300 experienced teachers from prominent schools, one will find DataCamp as a useful tool for developing human abilities and engaging a community of like-minded professionals.

DataCamp programs are interactive and focus on the effects of science and data analysis. DataCamp is the place to go to increase the overall perception of this difficult and sought-after field, whether you are just part of a corporation or just a person trying to develop your skills.

Still not convinced? Below is a list of other reasons why you should choose DataCamp.

DataCamp is easy to use

The overall user interface is simple. Launch a web browser and navigate to the DataCamp website to get started. Then, in the popup box, enter your information to start learning for free and create an account. After entering your information, you will need to fill out a basic profile.

When you first visit DataCamp Home Page
, Note that it is set up to allow you to learn, practice and work collaboratively. Once you have chosen a course to study, DataCamp will create a dashboard for you, with the instruction box on the half screen and the code box on the other side.

The guidelines first teach you about the grammar of a language before they give you some code snippets and activities. What’s more, the instructions in DataCamp are both text-based and video-based, which is a wonderful feature. This feature offers some coding exercises. You enter code in the encoding box, run it and verify the results, and then send it when you are happy with it. If you understand correctly, you get XP points. However, you will receive guidance if you do not code it correctly.

Another great feature of DataCamp is that it will check you on the go. Instead of a coding exercise, it will present you with multiple-choice questions, which you must answer correctly and submit.

DataCamp is very fascinating

Datacamp is a web-based interactive learning tool that teaches concepts in data science. Beginners and learners looking for dynamic content will enjoy the entertaining and clean style of the courses. Her courses and track programs are aimed at acquiring new skills and pursuing new career opportunities.

Quality content

When you join DataCamp, you will find that the content is exceptional. This platform has partnered with various successful businesses to equip its students with the skills they need to succeed and train its staff to succeed in their professions.

As a student, you can use the free trial version to get a sense of class quality before enrolling. You can also read the biography of the course guide. This content will allow you to become a professional in the world of coding.

Other features of DataCamp

DataCamp strives to be unique and provide a competitive edge in online education. Here are some of the features of DataCamp:

  • There is no set schedule. The workout can be customized and can be tailored to fit everyone’s schedule.
  • No advertisements, promotions or other distractions. DataCamp does not bombard you with ads or promotions that would otherwise distract you during the course. Instead, you will receive one-on-one training. This is similar to having a one-on-one lesson with the instructor.
  • When you submit the correct answer to exercises or complementary courses, you get experience points or XP. This exercise is intended solely to motivate students to learn.
  • There is a built-in translator. DataCamp provides a programming window or code box that runs in the browser, so there is no need to install anything on your PC.

DataCamp pricing

Datacamp is a subscription-based service with a number of different programs from which you can choose. The cost of DataCamp courses varies depending on the pricing option you choose. Moreover, DataCamp is an open platform for both individuals and businesses.


As an individual, you can choose from three different programs.

  • Individuals can sign up for free. This option is a great way to get started and feel the platform for yourself. You will have access to all courses, but only one chapter per course. This free gift may not look like much, but it will allow you to evaluate the level of training provided and determine if DataCamp is the perfect fit for you.
  • The next level is called the basic program. You get access to forty-four courses for $ 25 each month.
  • The premium level is the last. It costs $ 29 per month and gives you access to 314 different courses. Instead of seven projects, work on all 81. This option is a significant upgrade over the basic level, and is well worth the investment.


DataCamp for Business has two business plans from which you can choose. Either professional or organizational. All core courses are included in both programs and early access to new courses.

  • The professional program costs $ 25 per user per month. To be eligible for the program, you must have a minimum of 5 users.
  • The organizational plan is the second option. This program is carried out on a custom basis, each case on its own merits. If you want to take advantage of this program, you will need to contact DataCamp directly.


As time goes on, more and more data is circulating around the globe, and it is only important to understand and analyze this data in order to understand it. The ever-changing and ever-changing reality is why many learners and even skilled professionals are looking for a way to learn and teach what they know to hone future programmers.

Currently, there are many different online learning platforms to choose from, and it can be difficult to prepare for a specific profession and field.

However, this difficulty is what DataCamp is here to fight! This is a great online learning platform for anyone interested in starting or continuing their programming journey. Whether it’s a personal hobby or a career pursuit, DataCamp has the courses and tools you need to succeed.



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