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I’m using a dedicated Pop! _OS these days. I have been using it intermittently for several years, and put it on my laptop as a daily driver about a year ago and did not look back. It’s a great operating system, and lately it’s my favorite Linux.

System76 has been released Pop! _OS 21.10 And I installed it and put it to use. I gave him almost a week to shake off and make sure everything was fine before I write about it. I did not find any major issues.

Why Use Pop! _OS?

Before I talk about 21.10, maybe you’re here because you’re considering trying Pop! _OS. Instead of repeating information from the Pop! _OS info page, this is what I know from personal experience. Here’s what I like about it:

  • Pop! _OS is incredibly stable – Although I like to mess with Linux systems, there are many times I need a “set it and forget it” system that freaks out without problems. Pop! _OS definitely does it for me.
  • Great performance – Most Linux systems work well. Pop! _OS is no exception. I clicked the system many times and liked the results.
  • The user interface is excellent – Many critics call it “Ubuntu with re-skin”. It’s far from it. However, the user interface is one of the big selling points of distribution, and I think it is very easy to navigate and be productive. It is smooth and configurable.
  • The system is cohesive – It’s hard to describe without mentioning Apple products and stealing their final sentence: it just works. It does not feel like an operating system that is integrated along with a million different things you need to achieve to play beautifully. Everything works together right out of the box.

These things together made me use Pop! On my laptop for the past year. If you want to try it you can Install Pop! _OS And run it from your USB drive. You do not have to worry about changing anything!

What’s new on 21.10

This release is not drastically different from Pop! _OS 21.04, but it does bring some improvements. One of the big changes is the app library.

This is how it looked before:

Pop! _ OS 21.10 Review

Sure, it’s functional, but they’ve improved it.

Pop! _ OS 21.10 Review

Now instead of a large full screen window with all the apps in one pane, it now opens in a small searchable window. Applications are organized by categories, or you can organize them into your own custom folders. It is also searchable. I have already found it easier to use.

For more information from System76 on the application library, watch this video:

Pop! _Pi Tech Preview for Rasbperry Pi 4

If you know me you know I love Pi. Surprisingly I have not tried it yet, but a technical preview for Pop! _OS 21.10 is available for the Raspberry Pi 4. This is great news for connoisseurs. One of the biggest selling points of Pop! _OS for me is the user interface, something I do not use much in the Raspberry Pi. However, I am excited about the stability of this distribution and I am excited to use it in Pi.

The latest hardware support

I do not build custom kernels for Pop! _OS a lot, so I was happy to see that 211.20 includes the core 5.15.5:

Pop! _ OS 21.10 Review

And the latest NVIDIA drivers. This is especially cool because Pop! _OS has an NVIDIA-specific version for extra performance if you have one of these cards.

This combination provides better hardware support and improved security.

Hosted packages of System76 and new CI

Pop! _OS now hosts its own custom software repositories. This results in faster and more stable installations. Improved CI means System76’s engineering team can pump out updates faster.

Mines upgrades

From System76:

  • We have improved the upgrade feature of the operating system.
  • The recovery partition is now updated before upgrading the operating system. This ensures that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during the upgrade, the Refresh OS option in the recovery partition can be installed in the latest release.
  • Improved handling of custom changes to the fstab file
  • We now disable user-added PPAs, as they often cause upgrade issues for users.

Bottom line

Pop! _ OS 21.10 Review

If you’re considering updating Pop! _OS, do so. It’s painless. It was a quick upgrade, and I saw no issues. System76’s engineering team has worked very hard to continually improve this Linux distribution.

It’s only getting better.

so Download it And start. Tell me what you think!


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