What’s the best way to invest in real estate?

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That. I know that some of my investments are supposed to be in real estate. Is it better for me to buy an investment property that I can rent or is it better for me to have a mutual fund that invests in real estate? Real estate prices have gone up so I think I can still catch that wave.


A. You are right that most financial planners will recommend that you hold a certain percentage of your portfolio Alternative investments Like real estate.

And yes, you can own stocks or mutual funds that focus on the sector, or you can become a homeowner.

There are several benefits to any strategy, said Kenneth Van Lyon, a certified financial planner at Van Leeuwen & Company in Princeton.

He said investment is coming Real Estate Fund Is a fairly simple process depending on the type of real estate and the structure of the fund.

“Investing in a fund can be done faster than buying your own real estate in most cases and does not come with any day-to-day management of a physical asset,” he said. Limited, so be sure to choose the fund that meets your personal goals. “

Buying a Investment property May be more financially rewarding because you can enjoy both the rent payments and the valuation of the property.

But you will be in charge of management, from finding tenants to Making necessary repairs.

“Ultimately, the type of property you own matters and how much you want to be with the investment,” Van Lyon said.

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