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Pen Argyl, USA, December 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Christ Centered Capital or C3 for short is a new stock and investment selection site designed for Christians, conservatives with similar views and people of faith founded in 2021 by Mark Lausano. It was created to help people with a value opinion choose strong investments that are not tainted with incompatible values ​​or dubious practices that they do not support. Many investors are unaware companies may even be indirectly involved in things such as pornography, critical race theory, human trafficking and child labor in transactions. Investments in companies that engage in these methods in any way are not promoted and C3 members are aware of these types of associations that may not align with their values.

Much of the material on the C3 site is free and educational and will teach the everyday person how to invest in themselves and do so while maintaining conformity to Christian values. The service was created to be extremely cheap and easy to use for everyone. As one of its offerings, C3 develops virtual portfolio portfolios that its subscribers can track and use as templates to build their own portfolios. C3 also releases monthly new stock options that its customers can learn about and invest in.

C3 gets along with the financial market and monitors major market influencers. As new stock choices begin to emerge, C3 knows and gives its subscribers timely advice on whether certain investments are likely to be profitable and also conform to Christian values. The first case that C3 published on 27/9/2021 has already increased by 10%.

C3 is well aware of what many consider a culture war and considers itself a player in this struggle. Founder Mark Luzano shared: “We are fighting this culture war for Christian values. A good friend once shared with me a great quote from an anonymous source who said, ‘Every time you invest in something or someone, it means you want something or someone to grow in power and influence.’ Which made me want to start C3. “

Another benefit of C3 is that it donates at least 50% of every dollar it earns to organizations that support and promote Christian values, so it is a charity. C3 subscribers have the opportunity to vote on which organizations receive these funds each month. The following video explains more about the mission of Christ Concentrated Capital.

“In the current war climate in the current culture, deeds speak louder than words. Some of the loudest actions are the ones we do with our dollars. Money or dollars are usually the ammunition in a culture war, and too often we give our ammunition to enemies even before we get into battle. I wanted to show “People how to stop giving their firepower to enemies who are wreaking havoc on our way of life, culture and institutions.”

Lusano’s background was in the NBA (National Basketball Association) in the business operations department. Undergraduate and graduate degrees have been obtained in both finance and business. Anyone who wants to learn more or contact Mark at Christ Centered Capital can do so by calling 908-906-4964 and visiting the website at


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