Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

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Artificial intelligence is the science of making machines that are smarter and smarter human characters that have sparked a debate about human intelligence versus artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that machine learning and deep learning algorithms are designed to make these machines learn on their own and be able to make decisions like humans.

With an attempt to produce smarter and smarter machines, are we ignoring the real impact of taking over artificial intelligence on our future careers? Will human intelligence face an existential crisis? To understand more about this, let’s go ahead and check out the entire post.

Various technologies such as natural language processing, neural networks, cognitive services, robotics processing, AR / VR and many more are becoming highly intelligent machine learning. Thus, machine systems will make a decision as we do in everyday life. The decision-making system of this machine amplifies various arguments like artificial intelligence versus human intelligence!

AI development

Artificial intelligence is a simulation of human-programmed human intelligence. It is the ability of the robot or machine to perform certain tasks that are usually done by humans because they need human intelligence. Whereas in the beginning artificial intelligence started when machines perform only trivial human tasks as well as improve the speed of production processes, and computers teach themselves how to play games better, but today it has evolved over the years.

Artificial intelligence can be seen all over the day, it has improved our phone cameras that give better pictures, manage our finances and are also fully integrated into our daily lives in several ways. However, besides helping us to automate the world and improve the efficiency of our work, which “computer intelligence” can do, there are examples of artificial intelligence that is much closer to human intelligence. With machines and robots participating in conversations and quizzes, producing music and drawings and demonstrating their creativity in various forms, now they are getting a little closer to imitating human emotions and feelings, one wonders what AI can bring about us.

Impacts of artificial intelligence on future jobs and economics

Task automation

One clean AI effect is the result of task automation across the vast scope of different businesses, which have been digitally changed manually. Tasks and jobs that include the level of repetition and use or translation of vast information metrics can be transferred or handled through the computer, and often do not require human effort.

Welcome to better chances

When AI and ML perform the manual tasks that people will perform, it opens up as well as generates many new businesses, they open doors to our workforce. One example is digital engineering that came about because of the rapid improvement in creativity and innovation, and is still evolving. Therefore, old manual tasks will come out, new professions and openings will pop up.

Economic growth

Artificial intelligence or AI can open up a lot of opportunities and improve collaboration and efficiency within an association. Thus, in return, this will lead to the desired expansion for the items or administrations and it helps to drive the monetary development model, which improves and transfers the living nature.

Can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence?

When we come to the question of whether artificial intelligence can replace human intelligence, we have observed that the achievements of artificial intelligence actually mimic human intelligence very closely, but it can not deviate from our brain.

We acquire a huge amount of knowledge with a sense of understanding, learning, logic, experience and logic. In a sense, we feel the whole thing, especially, the emotions that make us completely different from robotics, machines, the latest technologies and more.

Your brain puts the importance of our intelligence above artificial intelligence. But with the growth of artificial intelligence, the risks of AI are growing because we can not use our heart and brain to their full potential.

Although machines mimic our behavior, their ability to make rational decisions is still lacking. They need the next stage of evolution where they have to process their ‘common sense’.

Such an evolution can continue for many more years since common sense is different in every person! This means that artificial intelligence machines do not understand ’cause’ or ‘result’. While we, humans, can do anything based on cause and effect with our decisions to benefit certain parts of our society.

The idea to create robots or machines that would think just like man came from his fictional world to our real world. Machines may perform a particular task that was previously impossible. We tried to get intelligence in the machines to make our job easier.

There are bots, robots, humanoid and digital people that surround people and get organized from different perspectives. Artificial intelligence-driven applications typically have higher and better execution speeds, higher operational capacity, while being larger in monotonous and tedious positions than in humans.

Human intelligence can easily identify with learning or multi-purpose experience. It does not rely on pre-processed information like those required for AI.

artificial intelligence Human intelligence
Works on data stored in them Uses brain power to function
Uses 2 watts Uses 25 watts
Multi-tasking is not possible Can perform multi-tasking
The machine can handle a large amount of data much faster Humans can not beat the speed of the machine
Repeated Innovative
Good in training Good in training
Fast Reply Reasonable thinking


There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will help create various medical benefits, but it will not take over our healthcare industry. Yes, artificial intelligence can read the book of psychology in microseconds, but it can not identify the real cause of stress and depression. Indeed, artificial intelligence can elevate the design to an unimaginable level, but emotions displayed through oil painting can be missed.

Artificial intelligence is one hand to help people, and allows it to become an advantage or a threat to us.



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