Suffolk County, Huntington invest in sewer project near LIRR station

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Officials in Huntington and Suffolk County announced a $ 44 million project Wednesday to bring sewage to the downtown area, south of Long Island Railway Station. The city will use funding for federal aid to Corona to match the county’s contribution to wastewater treatment.

Sapolk County Director Steve Ballon said installing sewers would bring new jobs and businesses to the low-income area of ​​the city.

“There is something that is holding back the renewal of downtown here at Huntington Station and that is the lack of sewer infrastructure,” he said. “This is a problem we have identified for many years.”

In addition to bringing in jobs, officials said the project would improve the environment by reducing the number of septic tanks. Old absorption systems are the leading contributor to nitrogen contamination in nearby waterways.

“This critical infrastructure initiative will encourage investment and economic development at Huntington Station, south of the railroad tracks,” said City Inspector Chad Lupinachi. “The shortage of sewage south of the railroad tracks has delayed investment at Huntington Station for decades.”

The project will break through in early 2024.

As part of the 2022 budget, Luna included an additional $ 125 million for similar wastewater treatment projects in Suffolk County.



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