2021: What Went Well, What Didn’t and Goals


December 31, 20213 Reading minutes

Another year has passed, and it’s time to do a year review.

2021 was a great year overall except for everything Corona and I did not return to India and visit my family.

Buy Home, Crossed 10,000 YouTube Subscriptions, Renewed as Microsoft’s MVP, Became AWS Community Builder and continued to blog. Recovery grabbed the back seat.
Looking forward to 2022.

What went well


After many home inspections, we finally made suggestions and we are all excited to move into the new home early next year. Finding a home was a roller coaster ride, and it strengthened all life lessons – ‘Do not wait for the perfect, settle for good enough‘.

The best time to buy a home is now. Also, the worst time to buy a home is now. If you are buying a home, buy one anyway.

Even when most of our weekends are full of tests and COVID is still around, we managed one night hike within Queensland and a handful of day hikes.

Increasing audience and creator

2021 moved me to 10K YouTube subscriptions 🎉🚀

A significant milestone in my journey as a content creator. Thank you all for the love and support. Here’s a quick snapshot of the entire year. I posted 27 videos across Azure, AWS, ASP NET and DevOps and gained over 8200 subscribers.

As part of the May Ship30for30 community I posted 31 Atomic Articles, Which helped me explore a different writing style and format.

The blog also saw 19 additional posts, which included some book reviews and some quarterly planning posts (similar to this post). I did not actively publish the Newsletter And added only two posts there.

As much as the first time, I am excited to renew as a Microsoft Azure MVP. It’s mostly for my work as part of my blogs and YouTube channel. Thank you all for making this possible.

Microsoft MVP 2021 - Azure

I’m just as excited to be a part of AWS community building program Which offers resources, mentoring, networking opportunities and lots of swag and AWS credits.

I also talked to the AWS .NET team about improving the community experience, especially around NET. A lot of interesting conversations and opportunities open up as part of these conversations. Again, this is because of the different content I started producing around AWS.

I was lucky to be invited to it The opening of the guest speaker series of Telstra’s Purple Ambassadors program And I talked about some of my behind-the-scenes processes and habits that have helped me build an online presence. This was my first non-technical lecture, and I was very glad it was well received.

What did not go well

Get in shape

Not much exercise again this year, although it was a little better than the previous one. I found myself lazing around running and releasing in the middle. Here is a summary of the year from Strava, and the activities include both cycling and running.

Strava Summary 2021

Not so great Q3 & Q4

I relaxed a lot towards the second half of the year. Although I set out with a few goals for the third quarter, I slipped on the road and ended up not following at all. I also did not publish a quarterly review and fourth quarter goals.

I started a course – AWS DynamoDB to NET developer – and made it available in Early Supporter mode. Surprisingly I also made 7 sales. But I found myself jumping between building a counter course. Adding content to YouTube and blog. With a lot of jumps around these two and the confusion, I did nothing and dragged on both of them.

I could have found many more excuses, but I need to get better at recognizing this and get back on track earlier. Although I posted a few videos and blog posts during this time, most of the time I was released.

Targets for the first quarter, 2022

The high-level focus areas worked well last year, and I plan to stick with it this year as well. I keep the ideas more aligned to the systems / habits I want to build to achieve my smart goals.

Look at my … Newsletter December 2020 If you want to learn more about setting goals!

I’m looking to focus more on the goal of ‘practicing’. The main idea is to build a Core training routine of 10-15 minutes at least four times a week. I’m thinking of using Adidas training app And a relationship with my wife, I was amazed (to be more responsible 🙂).

I also decided to stop creating the course (DynamoDB for NET Developers) And focus on YouTube and blog. I find it hard to focus on all things at once. I’ll give you back the seven sales I’ve already made.

Some of the key goals for the first quarter are

  • Settle in our new home.
  • Post 6 videos to YouTube.
  • Go back to running and complete 10K in under 53 minutes.

Regions, SMART goals and ideas on how to achieve them - everything is managed in Notion

Wishing you all a happy and successful New Year 🚀✨

Photo by Kelly Sikma On Unsplash

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