Reasons Why Your AC Keeps Tripping and When To Call An AC Expert

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A circuit breaker is a safety tool that disconnects power to the appliance if it consumes too much power. If the air conditioner continues to turn on the circuit breaker, it is best to call an expert Ma 24 hour AC repair Service to test it.

The global air conditioning market was estimated at $ 106.6 billion in 2020. A number of premium quality AC Correct Businesses are available today, and most can send a technician to your home within an hour, provided you live within their coverage radius.

However, before you call a professional, you need to know why this is happening so that you can take action to prevent it another time.

Reasons why your AC keeps tripping and when to call an AC specialist

Accumulation of dust in the filters

The air conditioners come with filters that are responsible for preventing dust and debris from entering the unit. However, over time, dust may begin to accumulate in the filter, causing the blower to work particularly hard to circulate the air through a blocked air filter.

In such cases, the air conditioner may draw more force from the circuit to perform its work, causing a trip. Call an AC specialist to clean your air filter at least once a month.

Dirty outdoor unit

Air conditioners are appliances that cool a room by moving heat. The indoor unit of the air conditioner absorbs heat, while the outdoor unit is responsible for receiving Get rid of heat. If the outside area is full of dirt, the machine needs to work harder to dissipate the heat. But, again, the action will draw more force than usual, causing the circuit breaker to trip.

Shortened engine

‘Short’ is a subject where electricity bypasses its typical path and makes a shortcut. The operation causes more electricity to pass through, which usually the wires cannot handle and can overheat and melt.

The design of electric motors ensures that they can operate efficiently for extended periods. But they can overheat, and operating the electric motor in such a situation may cause the wire to disintegrate and cause the ‘short’ condition explained above. Make sure you call an expert from 24 hours AC repair service to examine the problem of tripping before it escalates to electric fire.

Compressor problem

A compressor is the central unit of the air conditioner. Your air conditioner will start to experience a ‘hard start’ when the compressor has difficulty starting and draws more power to complete the task.

An improper electrical wire hitting the side of the compressor can cause a ‘grounded compressor’ problem, which can lead to a sudden surge that pulls out your circuit breaker.

An air conditioning specialist can install a hard starter kit or replace the compressor to solve the trip problem.

Extend the life of your AC – Call a specialist today

An air conditioner is an investment that requires regular care and maintenance. Without proper care, you will encounter problems as the device fails the circuit breaker.

The causes of the trip problem may vary from the dirty filter and the outdoor unit, compressor problems, worn parts or even damaged wiring. Save yourself the hassle, contact an AC repair service specialist 24 hours a day to inspect your unit, identify any problems and take the necessary steps to repair them before they cause serious damage.



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