Barranquilla Received $268 Million Investment in 2021


The city of Brancaya in Colombia received an investment of $ 268 million during 2021, leading to the creation of nearly 3,000 jobs.

The tourism and construction sectors received a large share of this cash flow, according to the local investment promotion agency Try Brankila.

An American multinational Marriott has plowed up to $ 30 million in a project designed to build a hotel in the city. Similarly, Cariva Aventura has agreed to invest $ 20 million in building an amusement park.

The real estate company Allegra has announced that it will establish shopping centers in the city with an investment of about $ 100 million. The forerunner, Citing data from the Investment Promotion Agency.

It is interesting to note that the services sector accounted for 45% of the new projects in the city. The BPO sector alone accounted for 24% of investment in the services sector. Seattle and HGS are the major players in the city’s outsourcing sector.

Strong infrastructure and a large number of bilinguals have long been the main drivers of BPO expansion in Barranquilla.

Foreign investment is expected to grow further in 2022, when the Andean country appears to have won the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic with a high vaccination rate. More than 75% of its citizens received at least one dose of the vaccine.



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