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C694 background


A fantastic generator for creating 3D and WebGL background animations for your site.

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C694 bias

Biased by design

A resource for cultivating awareness of when and how cognitive bias can be incorporated into the design process. By John Jablonski.

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C694 colorgeorge

Color modulation

Add a touch of beautiful organic color variety to your generating compositions with just a few lines of code. By George Francis.

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C694 window


Window.js is an open source JavaScript runtime for desktop graphics programming that comes with APIs familiar to web and desktop developers.

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C694 mywebsite

How my site works

Brian Lubin gives some insights on how his site works, which is a borderline web application ready for SaaS, including user account management, emails, comments, GraphQL, cache, end-to-end testing and much more.

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C694 minimator


Minimalist tablet-first graphic editor where all the drawings are made hope on a web-based canvas.

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C694 materialized


Liviu Avasiloiei’s project, in which he challenges the way we communicate with logos by removing them from the branding context, turning them into objects and placing them in unexpected environments.

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C694 draggabletimeline

From our blog

Build a timeline that can be scrolled and dragged with GSAP

Learn how to build a horizontal timeline that can be scrolled and dragged using GSAP’s ScrollTrigger and Draggable plugins.

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C694 scrollbruno

From our blog

Create scroll-based animations in Three.js

Learn how to create WebGL scroll-based animation in this tutorial from Bruno Simon’s Three.js Journey course.

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From our blog

Pixel distortion effect with Three.js

WebGL interactive pixel distortion effect with lots of options based on the effect seen on the site for “Infinite Bad Guy”.

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