10 JavaScript Libraries to use in your Projects

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JavaScript is a programming language that is widely used in the world on both the client side and the server side that allows web pages to be converted and create dynamic web content.

It is a scripting language that allows programmers to create interactive user interfaces with dynamic content. While CSS and HTML are the languages ​​that give web pages their design and form. HTML, CSS and Python are among the many other programming languages ​​available, but JS is the most common scripting language.

Moreover, JavaScript includes many JS directories, which have created an ecosystem in which coders are not expected to write code from scratch, but depend on these directories to build websites quickly and easily. In this article, I have compiled a list of the top 30 JavaScript libraries that every developer needs and can easily use in his projects.

1. SurveyJS

SurveyJS is a JavaScript library for creating customizable surveys and tests that can be implemented in any JS application. Surveys differ from ordinary forms in that the data collected through subsequent surveys must be analyzed. Compared to standard forms, surveys have much more customization requirements.

  • Expand surveys with third-party widgets
  • Can embed surveys built with SurveyJS with any application
  • Ability to build surveys that accompany the brand components of your website


You can use this JS directory to increase the visual appeal of your site. It can share the same background image with different elements of a web page. It can be used to create impressive backgrounds for web page content.

main features:
  • Easily adjust elements, background, opacity, etc.
  • An easy method for updating the background image
  • Reading a single function can undo the changes made by multiple.js

3. JS Choreographer:

HTML5 and CSS, web pages can display a variety of animations. Choreographer-Js is a simple library that allows you to handle CSS animations as well as non-CSS animations.

  • The package consists of many stock animations
  • API reference is built by the developer
  • Can be expanded by adding a custom base that can be derived from included functions

4. Final form:

Each site requires one or more forms. Final form Is the library that creates beautiful and easily accessible shapes. No other library allows such incredible tuning to monitor exactly which form elements are notified of changes in form mode.

  • Works seamlessly with any web framework
  • A tasteful and expandable application
  • An independent library without external trust

5. Video-JS

Full screen videos are the need for any professional website background, and Bideo.js is designed for that. This JS library makes it simple and smooth to add a video background that looks amazing on any screen interface.

  • Along with looking and feeling, Bideo.js includes an API and a system of advanced customization plugins
  • Bideo-js supports video playback on desktops as well as laptops
  • It supports HTML5 video plugins and media sources, and other playback techniques as well as YouTube and Vimeo

6. Chart.js

Creating responsive dynamic charts for an application form is a time-consuming task and can cause more problems than it solves. In this context, Chart.js is an open source library that provides different solutions to each chart that requires your parallel application.

  • Works flawlessly with all modern browsers
  • Comprehensive and exhaustive documentation is available
  • Expandable library for creating custom charts and complex tables

7. ApexCharts

ApexCharts provides a feature of interactive charts that can be used with websites that work with JavaScript frameworks. Pre-packaged interactive charts with simple APIs are provided with the library.

main features:
  • Covers for popular frames like React, Vue, Angular
  • Extensive documentation and support between browsers is available
  • Consistent and easy-to-use API

8. InstantClick

This advanced JavaScript framework is the key to accelerating websites. It is also capable of improving the speed so that web page navigation feels instantaneous.

main features:
  • Equipment for adjusting parameters
  • Pre-loads a web page while a user is dependent on a link
  • Works seamlessly across all browsers including mobile browsers

9. Particles.js

Particles.js is a simple JavaScript library for creating moving particles as a background for web pages. The particles interact with the movements and position of the mouse pointer. This is a fun library that can be used to create amazing visuals.

  • Particle size, velocity and other easily customizable visual features
  • Very small in resources

10. HowlerJS

Hauer JS Is a library that can be used to identify and work with touch gestures in general, including multi-touch gestures.

  • Support for touch gestures including tapping, double tapping, smoothing, rotating, pinching to get closer, etc.
  • CDN provided by HammerJS can be used
  • easy


As a developer, it is very important to choose the right JavaScript libraries. This will make you more productive and make development much easier and faster. Ultimately, it is up to you which library to prefer based on your requirements.



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