The New Administration Must Invest in Older New Yorkers—& The Nonprofits Serving Them


“We urge the new administration to seriously consider the #JustPay Human Services Council’s campaign, and to ensure that all exploited New York workers, who perform life-saving critical work on a daily basis, make a living.”

Adi Talwar

A bingo game in late October afternoon is in full swing at the PSS King Towers senior center in Harlem.

Our new mayor, administration and city council took office at a challenging time for New York City – but especially for our city’s seniors. The latest wave of COVID-19 has continued to affect New Yorkers disproportionately, causing hospitalization and death in the worst cases, and leading to ongoing social isolation for many others.

When our newly elected representatives talk about corona virus recovery, it is imperative that they prioritize the needs of older New Yorkers. At Encore Community Services, we see these needs closely and work daily to maintain healthy, safe and connected seniors in the community.



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