Your Funds: What your dog can teach you about investing | Business News


Frau, my Golden Retriever, recently turned 13. It’s old for his breed.

As he got older, our relationship changed. These days, it’s me waking him up every morning excited for the new day; On trips, this he lets me out of the strip and wander while he follows me closely and waits for my return.

What has not changed is that he still teaches me lessons. When I talked about it with my family recently, I realized that these classes are not limited to the animal kingdom; They apply to my financial life.

I am not saying – to paraphrase the title of a poplar book from the mid-2000s – that everything I ever learned about investing came from my dog, but I will say that the techniques I learned in caring, training and living with my dog ​​are quite useful when implementing my investment life.

One note here: After being hit by a neighbor’s dog as a child, I came across one in my family only about 15 years ago. The childhood experience inspired me to work closely with my first dog – who died at just 5 years old due to cancer – and then with Prio, so that I could develop faith, trust and confidence in the relationship.

In this way, working with dogs and investing begins to emphasize similarities. Many investors still feel their portfolio has been hit by their internet bubble burst, the 2008 financial crisis, or the bear market that accompanied the onset of the plague; While they are still investing, they are doing so lightly despite the prolonged bull market. Like someone who has had a bad experience with a dog, they have a hard time trusting the market.




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