Veteran Education Program Receives Funding So It Won’t Run Out Anytime Soon


Being a veteran, you have the honor to serve the country with your life. As a result, you give up years of serving in the line of duty away from your family and friends. That’s why it’s time for you to embark on a new career journey by enrolling yourself in Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses, known as VET TEC programs.

These specially-designed courses facilitate veterans to gain the desired cutting-edge skills to secure employment in the US growing web development, computer science, and programming industries. Keep reading to learn how to enroll in the VET TEC approved programs by utilizing the VA education benefits payment.

Everything About VET TEC

Generally speaking, VET TEC is a tuition assistance program exclusively designed to aid veterans, allowing them to enroll in short-term high-tech training. One of the most significant veteran education benefits is that you do not have to utilize your GI Bill funds.

Initially, the GI Bill offered funds for the veterans to complete a four-year traditional degree from a college or university. Hence, the veterans can complete their formal education by spending the allocated educational funds under the GI Bill.

On the other hand, the VET TEC does not require GI Bill funding, which is excellent news for the veterans. As a result, their funding will not run out anytime soon, while veterans can equip themselves with the desired technology training to seek employment in high-tech companies.

VET TEC is essentially a flexible alternative to the GI Bill, focusing on in-demand skills required by highly paying companies. After the debut of the VET TEC pilot program, more than 1,500 students enrolled in the technology programs offered by different schools. Not only that, but the program also offers a complete rate of 90 percent, which is phenomenal.

The schools participating in the VET TECH programs must demonstrate that the students are well-equipped with the desired skill to seek employment. In other words, the VET TECH schools that guarantee verifiable and prospective employment outcomes can participate in VET TEC.

What About VET TEC Program Eligibility?

Are you wondering how to apply for VET TEC approved programs and the respective eligibility criteria? If your answer to the following two questions is yes, congratulations, you are eligible for veteran education.

  • Are you a veteran?
  • Do you have a minimum of one day of unexpired GI Bill veteran benefits?

Once you are eligible for the VET TEC training program, the next crucial step is to evaluate your interest in different technical skills, such as JavaScript foundations, REACT, Ruby, web development, computer sciences, and others. That’s why it’s time to answer these self-reflecting questions:

  • Do you want to secure high-paying employment?
  • Are you exploring new opportunities and careers?
  • Do you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the evolving technology?
  • Can you enroll as a full-time student in a VET-TEC-approved program?

Your answer must be yes to all the above questions. Since you are a veteran, you must be ready to embrace the new challenge to learn advanced in-demand high-tech skills.


Veterans need to understand the difference between GI Bill and VET TEC to ensure their funds will not run out sooner.

  • Being enrolled in the VET TEC training, you’ll receive a monthly housing allowance (MHA) like GI Bill.
  • VET TEC does not consume the allocated GI Bill funds. As a result, you can make use of the GI Bill funds after completing the VET TEC education.
  • VET TEC focuses on offering bootcamps and training in technology, such as information technology and computer sciences.
  • The student should complete the technical training and find relevant employment as mentioned by VA.
  • It’s essential to meet all the requirements mentioned above for the training schools to be eligible for the VET TEC tuition reimbursement.
  • VET TEC essentially funds veteran education and technology training, while the GI Bill allows veterans to visit the degree-offering educational institutions.
  • If particular training outcomes aren’t graduation and employment, the school will not receive VET TEC funding reimbursement.
  • The veterans must attend the VET TEC training as full-time students.
  • Transfer of Entitlement (TOE) spouses, active duty service members, and some other personnel can not attend the VET TEC approved education programs.
  • A VET TEC program has limited funding per federal fiscal year.

How Does VET TEC Work?

Veteran Affairs (VA) undertakes an agreement with the training schools offering technology bootcamps resulting in employment placement. Hence, VA evaluates the performance of the training schools, progress, and successful employment of the students to reimburse the VET TEC funding.

As a result, the VAP pays the initial 25 percent of the tuition and fees to the training provider once the veteran enrolls and attends the class. Next, VA pays the other 25 percent upon completing a Bootcamp and training program.

Finally, VA pays the remaining 50 percent once the veterans secure employment in the relevant field of training. The training school must present the employment documentation of the students to secure the final reimbursement.

Take Advantage

After reading the above guide, you must be thrilled to enroll in a VET TEC approved training program. Your goal is straightforward – permanent employment in the high-tech industries. All you need to do is search for Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses.

The good news is that you can enroll in the award-winning four-month intensive Bootcamp or weekend Bootcamp offered by LEARN academy.

This vocational coding school, located in San Diego, provides equal access to veterans education benefits, knowledge, and career development. The primary goal of the LEARN academy is to build an evolved and equitable tech industry by offering top-rate career services and VET TEC-approved technical courses.



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