Getting observability into a distributed system


Looking at the log field using Explore

The FusionReactor Explore capability will let you dig deep into your log files. If you use Promtail, Logback, or Fluentbit you can ingest any log file from any system into FusionReactor. Explorers can look at any logline from any log that has ever been ingested.

Looking at the logs from our test application we have logs from CF stores, Inventory, shipping and order processing. It’s worth reminding yourself that these are separate services using a multitude of languages.

Because of the nature of the test application, the order processor log does not tell us a great deal – largely because it is a test and very few orders have ever been placed. But it proves that we can see the log field generated from Kafka.

The CF store log is a little busier and here we can see much more data. For example, we can see monitoring logs and stack traces. But what is more interesting we can also see that if a log has a trace ID then we can click the logline and go straight into the trace.



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