BP’s Daily Digest: A Case Against AWS Lambda Function URL, Smart Contract Breakdowns, and More | by BP Editors | Apr, 2022


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Hey everyone,

This daily digest includes a smart contract breakdown of an on-chain chess engine, a nice introduction to metaprogramming in Ruby (nope, not that Meta you’re thinking of), news updates from the Android and Angular Dev teams, some Scrum and Agile practices, collaborations by two iOS authors and lots of code.

Happy reading.


Serving Flutter Web Applications With Python-Flask

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A guide to delivering your Flutter web applications from any backend framework by Ajiri Gunn



Developer Survey 2021 Results

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The Angular team ran an annual developer survey earlier this year. We’m happy to share that over 84% of developers replied that they are satisfied with Angular, and less than 8% of people replied that they are dissatisfied with their experience. The response is consistent across all team sizes, while developers working on the larger teams (11+) are slightly more satisfied, with an 85% satisfaction rating. – by Minko Gechev



Migrating Architecture Blueprints to Jetpack Compose


This blog post tells the story of how the Android team migrated Architecture Blueprints to Jetpack Compose – by Manuel Vivo



Build an arcade iOS game using SpriteKit and GameplayKit

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These two are my favorite picks of the day. Two iOS developers, Oreste Leone and Luigi Minniti work together to build an arcade mobile game using SpriteKit and GameplayKit – two great frameworks for game development. They’ve explained how to create the game in the following two tutorials:

Would you believe it’s their first article on Medium? I can not wait to read their next pieces.


Why AWS Lambda Function URLs will not be part of my projects


Function URLs are best for use cases where you must implement a single-function microservice with a public endpoint that does not require the advanced functionality of API Gateway, such as request validation, throttling, custom authorizers, custom domain names, usage plans, or caching.

The above statement is AWS’s recommendation on when to use Function URLs.

Honestly, I rarely have cases where I would not need API Gateway functionalities on production deployments, such as simple request validation throttling, authorizers, and an overall decoupled integration approach with lambdas. Moreover, it’s not even that much simpler if you are using AWS SAM or Serverless – writes Marin Radjenovic



On-Chain Chess: Smart Contract Breakdown

Today, we’ll be reviewing the smart contract behind the first-ever on-chain chess engine. It’s called 5/9 (fiveoutofnine). The creator just decided: screw it, I’m gonna put an entire chess game on-chain. And it’s not just the AI ​​for playing the game, he also put the art (NFTs) totally on-chain – writes Nazar Ilamanov

Read here to dive into the optimizations that 5/9 had to make in order to run chess on Ethereum.



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