As infrastructure push begins, Wisconsin needs to invest in workforce


I grew up in Milwaukee County and have chosen to raise my family here. When I graduated from Wauwatosa West High School, it was a given that most students would continue to a four-year degree. My friend “wasted” time at a local four-year college before he realized carpentry was his calling. Today he runs his own local homebuilding business – and he out-earns many degree-holding people I know.

I now have children in Milwaukee County schools and, like most children in today’s schools, they too are being guided toward four-year colleges, even when it’s not a good fit for the student, their aptitude or their passions. As the president of the Milwaukee-headquartered Association of Equipment Manufacturers, I can attest to the good future a career in the trades can provide, and I hope more families and students will start to consider skilled trades as an important career path for their future and the future of our country.



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