How to Search for File Types on Google ?


We all search Google for our queries. Normally, we search for phrases and expect results as web pages. Did you know that you can Google more than just standard web pages?

Google can help you find books, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, Adobe files, and much more with the help of file type search.

File types that you can search in Google

Format File Extension
Adobe Portable Document Format pdf
Adobe PostScript ps
Autodesk Design Web Format dwf
Google Earth kml, kmz
GPS eXchange Format gpx
Hancom Hanword hwp
HTML htm, html,
Microsoft Excel xls, xlsx
Microsoft PowerPoint ppt, pptx
Microsoft Word doc, docx
OpenOffice presentation odp
OpenOffice spreadsheet ods
OpenOffice text odt
Rich Text Format rtf
Scalable Vector Graphics svg
TeX / LaTeX tex
Text txt
Basic source code bas
C / C ++ source code c, cc, cpp, cxx, h, hpp
C # source code cs
Java source code java
Perl source code pl
Python source code py
Wireless Markup Language wml, wap
XML xml

How to Find / Search File Types on Google

To achieve this you just need to use the filetype search operator. To do a file type search just add filetype in the beginning of your search

filetype:PDF game of thrones

For example, the below search will return pdf files on the top

Google search file type PDF

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